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Post-finale interviews with the showrunners (I'm afraid each one of these is pretty much worth reading/listening to in full! But the first few are possibly more must-read/listen to than others, if you really have to pick and choose.):
From the Andy Greenwald podcast (audio, ~54 minutes)
From Vox
From Hitfix
From the Wall Street Journal
From Vulture
From the Hollywood Reporter
From Variety
From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
From Entertainment Weekly
From TVLine.com
From TV Guide
From Yahoo

Post-finale interviews with Holly Taylor (Paige):
From Variety
From Digital Spy

Post-finale interview with a bunch of the involved persons:
From the Daily Beast

Post-finale interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg):
From the Wall Street Journal

Analysis about season three as a whole:
By Andy Greenwald from Grantland
By James Poniewozik from TIME
By Matt Zoller Seitz from Vulture
By Alyssa Rosenberg from the Washington Post
By Brian Lowry from Variety
By Pilot Viruet from Flavorwire

Post-season three finale Vulture podcast with Matt Zoller Seitz and company (audio, ~36 minutes)

Paste Magazine reviews the top ten most shocking moments of the season.

The New York Post talks where things might go after the finale.

Decider does a piece on Holly Taylor and her character Paige.

The Huffington Post talks about the show's sense of style.

TIME Magazine ran the full text of Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire speech.

Mstarz talked about the reaction to the most shocking part of the finale on Twitter.

It seems that casting spoiler ) is set to return for season four.

And Deadline has some mixed news about the finale's ratings.
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A New Yorker piece about the pre-Internet technology that's been discussed in the most recent episodes.

An ABC News interview with Matthew Rhys (video, ~11.5 minutes), and a print one from Chicago Pride.

A Better TV (UK) interview with Alison Wright (video, ~4.5 minutes).

A Capitol File Magazine interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg), and a photo of the piece about him in TV Guide

An Interview Magazine interview with Aimee Carrero (Lucia), and another with PopSugar (video, ~2 minutes).

Time Magazine interviewed co-showrunner Joel Fields as a part of a piece on sexual assault survivors on television.

A Marshfield Mariner interview with Susan Misner (Sandra).

Three columns on the second season: from the Boston Herald, from ozy.com, and from Weld for Birmingham.

Two "Wig of the Week" installments from The Wire: one on Philip's Clark disguise, and another on Nina's emotional disguises.

The show has released an official video about the show's wardrobe (warning: visible only to viewers in the U.S.).

Elle has a feature about "TV daughters we love to hate," and Paige is mentioned.

The official description of episode 211 has been released.

The Sacramento Bee has a review of the Americans exhibit at the International Spy Museum.
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I wrote this for [personal profile] fleurlb|[archiveofourown.org profile] fleurlb for Yuletide 2013.

Empty Rooms (1758 words) by wendelah1
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Americans (TV 2013)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Paige Jennings, Sandra Beeman, Elizabeth Jennings, Philip Jennings, Henry Jennings, Stan Beeman, Matthew Beeman

Her parents aren't home. This is her best chance to find out the truth.

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Title: Evaporating Innocence
Rating: PG-13

Link: http://quantumreality.dreamwidth.org/8080.html#cutid1

Title: Untitled #1
Rating: PG-13
Content notes (spoilers, decipher with ROT13): Bar yvar qrfpevorf na vzntvarq thafubg gb n uhzna fxhyy.

Link: http://quantumreality.dreamwidth.org/8914.html#cutid1

Title: Untitled #2
Rating: PG-13

Link: http://quantumreality.dreamwidth.org/9166.html#cutid1

General notes: Summaries inside each link. Spoiler warning for season 1 of The Americans, as these vignettes make reference to elements of the series.


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