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Name:Fan community for FX's The Americans
Location:Falls Church, Virginia, United States of America
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Fan community for FX's The Americans
* This community is for discussion and fanworks relating to FX's show "The Americans." (Though feel free to start with the introductions post to introduce yourself and find out who's who!)

* "The Americans" is rated TV-MA. This means the show is designed for adults and is unsuitable for an audience under 17. Episodes contain crude language, explicit sexual activity, and graphic violence. All discussion and fanworks based on show material may contain such aspects without prior warning.

* Spoilers should be put behind a cut until one week after the episode has aired. Please warn of spoilers in the subject line.

* Please don't tag your posts; the community hosts will handle that (at least until we have a clear system down).

* Fanworks are welcome, please see the Fanworks guidelines before posting. If you're looking for ideas or want to request a fanwork, take a look at our prompts post.

* The detailed version of the community guidelines is available here.

* The comm index, with links to episode discussions, is available here.
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