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There's a promo for cut for title of season two, episode three ) up over here at youtube and there's also a scene from the episode both at the show's Facebook page and embedded over here (the second video).

The episode description for season two, episode six has been released.

Noah Emmerich did an interview about the show on The Couch (video, 6.5 minutes).

Matthew Rhys did an interview about the show with The Huffington Post live (video, 1.5 minutes) and a print interview for Two Cents TV.

All-new spoilers are out! The best come from YahooTV, where some of the cast and creatives did a two truths and a lie sort of thing. Just deliciously done. And there are more, too, from TVLine's Ask Ausiello column and from Natalie Abrams at TV Guide.

The Pacific Standard Magazine has a piece out that's asking Why Isn't The Americans More Popular?

ComplexMag is also touting "How The Americans Keeps Analog Cold War Spy Drama Riveting in the Digital Age."

Metacritic is a site that quantifies and summarizes all critic reviews of a show or movie, and gives it a number ranging from zero (worst) to 100 (best). In the first season, The Americans had a 77, while in the second season, it has an 88.

It is now confirmed that the second season of The Americans will begin Saturday the 15th of March at 9:20pm on the UK's ITV.

The episode recaps from "Cardinal" (season two, episode two) are rolling in and being posted over at the episode discussion post.

And look, it's a rare bird these days: a bad review of the latest season! Poor Dave Delisle from Untiedmag, all alone in his dissenting opinion. *g*

And last but not least, I know I'm not the only one in the comm who reads French, so I'll link to this interview with music supervisor PJ Bloom from the French source DailyMars.
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Yes, I'm back already with another linkspam! I could maaaaaybe have waited another day, but some of this stuff has been so good, and I feel moved to share.

I'll start with a really very different sort of interview with Joel Fields from spoilertv.com that took questions in advance from the fans and got him to answer them. There are spoilers galore, but I suspect that a couple of people in this community will be very excited to see some of the responses there. :)

And then there's this other interview from tv.com with Joel and Joe Weisberg, which also has some spoilers in it.

And then there's another interview with the two of them from the Huffington Post, which also has some spoilers in it.

And one more from iamrogue.com, also with the two of them and also with some season two spoilers.

There are also four short videos from the Bryant Park interview of two days ago with Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, and Noah Emmerich: on nuclear launch codes, creating 1980s D.C. in New York City, designing spycraft for The Americans, and on the secret life of Stan (none of which are particularly spoilerrific).

Next, [tumblr.com profile] nerd-utopia has got screenshots of the terrific The Americans spread and multi-page article in TV Guide: 1, 2.

And a lovely profile on Holly Taylor (Paige) from Canadian newspaper The Ottawa Citizen.

And The Saratogian has a great review of season two from the screeners.

And speaking of which, guys, I don't know how much you've all been following the early critical response to this show's second season, but it's been so fantastic. Over at the [tumblr.com profile] americansfan tumblr, Emma put together a representative compilation of it. And, like, the only negative comments I can find about the show at all (and I've looked!) are from critics like rogerebert.com's Brian Tallerico who wasn't completely on board with season one but still thinks season two is amazing. The critics have always been good to this show, but this is truly unprecedented.

Fast Company has a terrific interview with The Americans' music supervisor PJ Bloom.

The website kerirussellsource.org has a bunch of shots of the filming of the season two finale, which is currently ongoing.

Over at Tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] darjeelingandcoke is doing a countdown list of eight reasons to watch The Americans in the last eight days before the season two premiere: here's #8.

And finally, this already got linked separately, but in case there's someone out there who's only got a subscription to certain tags: part one and part two of [dreamwidth.org profile] quantumreality's essay on symmetries in The Americans.

Five days, 10.5 hours to go!


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