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Region locked version, while waiting for the all access one.

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ETA to add the region free version!
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Dead End: The war. The mission. Their lives. Everything is at risk when The Americans returns 3/16 on FX.

Martha: She had no clue. She has no choice. Martha faces her new reality when The Americans returns 3/16 on FX.

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Deeper secrets. Deadlier risks. The Americans returns for an all new season 3/16 on FX.

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The moment we've all been waiting for.

Silent. Deadly. The all new season of The Americans returns March 2016 on FX.

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Their mission. Their family. Everything is at stake. See what’s still to come on The Americans…

If you can't view the clip via YouTube - I managed to download it via KeepVid.  Other download services might also offer a workaround.

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Sorry for the promo spamming - but this has new footage! And cast interview bits!

Will Paige be told the truth? One decision threatens the future of the family. Get a FIRST LOOK at the all new season of The Americans. Premieres January 28.

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Every move. Every breath. They’re watching you. The war grows colder Wednesday, January 28 on FX.
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The secret is out. The Americans is on over 45 Critics' Top Ten lists. The "best show on television" returns January 28 on FX.

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ETA: Since apparently it's not viewable by everyone, here's a description:

There's a lie detector machine showing a read out. Voice asks "Are you committed to your country?" Philip, shot from behind, says yes. The needle scribbles, indicating tension/conflict/lying, and there's a shot of a clock like a stopwatch ticking seconds by. He's alone in a yellow-tinted shot.

Another voice asks "Would you sacrifice everything for it?" Elizabeth, from behind, says yes. Her needle also jumps a little, followed by the clock. She's also alone, in a red-tinted shot.

Then we see the two Russian military men in split screen, reading from clipboards. They both ask, "Even your own children?" The separate lie detectors get more and more agitated as P&E in split screen look down, then up at the camera.

It ends with a note about the show, and a shot of the polygraph going crazy and then flatlining.

The lesson here being: squeeze your sphincter and look at Oleg in the corner!

Also, SpoilerTV link:
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I tried embedding, but it's giving me trouble.  You can view it here


Jan. 8th, 2014 06:09 am
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Okay, folks, the first serious spoilers have been released into the world. Think long and hard whether you want to click on these links: from Michael Ausiello's "Ask Ausiello" column and from Natalie Abrams' "Megabuzz" column.

Warning: There will almost certainly be discussion of these spoilers in the comments section of this post!

In lesser-spoilery links, there are also a few smaller tidbits that we could probably deduce ourselves from an interview with Joe Weisberg if you want something to tide you over but want to avoid the more serious stuff.

There's also a new teaser promo called "Stripes." On Twitter, Joel Fields also released a shot of the second image of the second season from an editing session, a shot of the trailer where they're filming, and a picture of an awesome mug that he got as a Christmas present.

And finally, while this Hollywood Reporter review is supposedly reviewing the miniseries The Assets, it actually talks as much, and much more favourably, about our show.
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The most important thing is the first trailer for season two that actually contains new footage. :D :D :D Is it February yet???

Next, our show continues to clean up on the year-end lists! The Americans made it to:
Huffington Post's list of the best new shows of 2013
Indiewire's list of the top 10 shows of 2013
The New York Times list of the top 12 shows of 2013
The Chicago Sun Times top ten list
Think Progress's Year in Culture list
Screen Invasion's best shows of 2013 list's best shows of 2013 slideshow
• and's 9 shows to catch up on over the holiday break

Episodes of the show also made it to Matt Zoller Seitz' list of the top drama episodes of 2013 ("Gregory" and "Only You"), and Laurel Brown's list of the best TV episodes of 2013 (the pilot).

The character of Elizabeth Jennings was also featured on Grantland's year-end TV power rankings.

And last but not least, the show is also #7 on Hitflix's TV Critics Poll this year for Top TV Shows and #3 for Best New Shows of 2013 (this annual poll takes a panel of several high-profile critics' top-ten rankings and combines them).

Finally, in non-year-end-list news, there's a great Salon interview with Margo Martindale that's mostly about August Osage County but not just, and I've got a few yet-unmentioned semi-spoilery bits from the writers and producers on Twitter:
• the titles for episode 6 and episode 7
• a couple of shots of props and sets from future episodes: 1, 2
• another cryptic shot of the writers' board
• and a shot of The Americans in its very first Jeopardy question :)

More links

Dec. 13th, 2013 07:48 am
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A tiny (and non-spoilery, as far as I can tell) teaser trailer has been released for season two! They've given it a name ("Hidden") and there are hints that there will be others. [Edited to add: Another one, "Dinner Table," has also been released now.]

Guys, guys, our show is cleaning up in the Top Ten lists this year. Here are several more: the Washington Post, Vulture (and here's what it looks like in the actual magazine), and the American Film Institute list.

Antennafree TV features The Americans as one of the thirteen new TV shows you should binge-watch over the holidays.

On the spoiler front, ScreenCrush talks about the teaser and the other known spoilers that have been released so far (but also mentions one I hadn't seen before), the title has been revealed for season two, episode six, Joel Fields tweeted a photo of an editor working with the opening shot for season two, and there are now several shots of the "80s wall" in the The Americans writers' room: one of Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg standing in front of it early in the season, a closeup revealing potential spoilery things, and another closeup revealing potential spoilery things.


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