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This news is a few days old by now (I'm still travelling, so posting here is often complicated for me; I apologize for not being on the ball!), so most of you know this already, but just in case there's someone here who hasn't heard yet: our beloved show has been renewed for a fifth season and also for a sixth and FINAL season. So we will get two more seasons (the fifth will have a full 13 episodes, while the sixth will have only ten), at which point the show will get a clear ending. Which is about everything we could have hoped for, really!
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The most important link of all: The Americans has been renewed for a fourth season!

Andy Greenwald has also trained his pen on the show this week.

Lightly Buzzed asks five burning questions after last week's episode, and Mstarz talks about the episode's great reception on Twitter.

Slate interviews the costume designers for the show.

And finally, this is only vaguely to do with the show, but a recent Russian spy couple unmasked in Belgium was compared extensively to the show (link goes to the original Dutch article, but here is an English translation that's pretty complete).
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First off, there are some unofficial indications that the show will be renewed for a fourth season. Commence cautious excitement! *g*

The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Alison Wright (Martha) about her character's latest arc.

Yahoo has an interview with Matthew Rhys that's mostly about his appearance on another show (Archer), but gets into The Americans at the end.

This week gave us some really interesting critics' pieces about the show. First and foremost, there's this great one from Emily Nussbaum of the New Yorker.

...and next, this one from Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post, which gets into the most upsetting scene from this past week's episode.

...and then there's the AV Club's piece arguing that it's the show's slow burn that's its best feature.

...and the Globe and Mail (Canadian national paper) calls it the creepiest show on TV.

...and Entertainment Weekly gives us an eclectic analysis of religion on the show.

...and Vulture talks about the show's use of Russian.

In less thinky coverage, there's this piece on what shooting the show in New York is like (spoilers for the rest of season three).

And the blogger at Cindiology tells us why she turns to The Americans instead of Fifty Shades of Grey for "mommy porn".

And finally, Grantland's critic Andy Greenwald invites actress Natalie Morales to come on to his semi-regular podcast for a discussion of the show (she's not on the show, but she's a superfan).
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The producers and lead actors were all at the TCA panel in California this week. Here's a liveblog from Hitfix with the full (somewhat spoilery) scoop on what was said, and a piece from Entertainment Weekly, and another from TVLine.

FX CEO John Landgraf did a bit at the TCA as well, and among other things, he said that he expects the show to run for at least five seasons. (!!!!)

Americans, it looks like the show will soon be viewable on Hulu.

A new U.S. spy drama called Allegiance has been drawing comparisons to The Americans: Hollywood Reporter, IGN.

A Lancaster, Pennsylvania newspaper has an opinion piece about the show.

And for all New Yorkers or people who can get there easily: there is a raffle going on for two tickets to the season three premiere at the Museum of Modern Art. Let us know if you enter, we will cheer you on!
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The official renewal for season three has come! Here is the official press release from FX and here is some insight from critic Alan Sepinwall as to why they've opted for renewal.

The New York Times talks about how Oliver North became a consultant for the show (and eventually even got a co-writer's credit on next week's episode).

Foreign Policy talks with a former spy about the things that are and aren't realistic about the show's spycraft.

An interview with Noah Emmerich (Stan) from the New York Observer, another from Entertainment Weekly, and yet another in critic Andy Greenwald's podcast this week (audio, ~55 minutes).

Costa Ronin (Oleg) gave an interview to Fox LA (video, ~4 minutes).

The New York Daily News reports on the shows filming in Brooklyn, and The Americans is among them.

The Washington Post talks about a piece of local pop culture history that led this past week's episode.

Wales Online has Matthew Rhys' top five moments from the show.

The official description for episode twelve has been released.

FX has released a featurette on the show's spy gear (only viewable to viewers inside the U.S.).

More news on international broadcasts! Season two begins airing in Poland on April 25th. It has also been airing in France (episode 207 debuts there on April 19th), in Ireland (episode 206 debuts there on April 19th), and in Spain (episode 203 debuted there last Tuesday).
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According to The Wrap, FX CEO John Landgraf spoke at an "upfront" presentation (what is that?) this morning and said that "FX plans to announce soon that The Americans will be renewed."

Two more choice pull quotes: “I expect we'll have a formal Season 3 order announcement soon,” and “We look forward to it being on our schedule for quite some time.”

[Edited to add: Deadline has another piece on the FX upfronts with this nice pull quote: The Americans‘ DVR numbers are “unlike anything I have ever seen,” Landgraf said. “Live viewing is essentially just 20% of whole.”]

[Another edit: Adweek has more detail on what Landgraf said about the show.]


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