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As requested by [personal profile] jae  I'm putting up a short presentation of this podcast as a separate post, even though it has already been mentioned in the link post earlier.

This weekly podcast is hosted by Molly Nussbaum, the show's script coordinator.
Published on Thursdays, each podcast accompanies the previous night's episode and therefore contains spoilers for that particular episode. 
So far Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg has joined Molly to talk about the set, how the scripts are written and some other show-related things. Dan Sackheim, who is now both director of various episodes as well as coordinator of the overarching storylines for the show, has also talked about his work process and how he makes sure everyone stays clear of certain TV tropes.

I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in what goes on behind the scenes of a television show. It is full of insights, trade secrets and very entertaining discussions about the creative processes involved, both in the writing and on set. 

To listen and subscribe to the show you can look it up on iTunes here or use Slate's RSS feed here.
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Hey all! Some of you know about our podcast about everyone's favorite show. There are so many great posts here about The Americans and we are really enjoying the discussions.

With the Season 2 finale approaching, we would love for people who are so inclined to send along feedback about the end of the season so that those who aren't aware of dreamwidth could share in the great speculation and fun. Replying here would be terrific, as would sending either an audio file or text email to us at or signalling us at 919-907-0KGB (0542).

Thank you so much! We cannot wait for Wednesday! Then again, it'll be over til 2015 so we can. But we want to know what happens so...
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An interview with Matthew Rhys (Philip) in the Los Angeles Times.

An interview with Alison Wright (Martha) in Rolling Stone.

An interview with Holly Taylor (Paige) in Vulture.

An interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg) in Metro.

There's a The Americans recap video podcast being done by AfterBuzz, and the most recent one also has a guest spot by Costa Ronin (video, ~54 min). There's also an audio version of the podcast available here.

The Americans has come in at #2 in the new Hollywood Reporter "power rankings".

Recent data indicates that The Americans is the most time-shifted show of all in the U.S. (meaning that a larger percentage of our show's audience watches a recorded version of the show than is the case with any other show).

The official description of the finale has been released.

Better late than never, there's a Guardian review of the first season's box set.

And finally, FX has released a little mini-documentary about the show's vintage cars (visible only within the U.S.).
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Hello everyone-

We have our 9th podcast this year for The Americans Season 2 Episode 8 "New Car" available for your listening pleasure. We would love for you to listen in and give feedback if you would like. For those of you who are listening, thank you so much for doing so!

Here's the link:
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Hello folks! Just a quick post to let you know that we just uploaded our 7th podcast, which is for Episode 206 "Behind the Red Door" at our site and in iTunes and Stitcher. We do a quick episode recap, discuss what we saw, give a little history and technology review, and share feedback we receive.

You guys have great discussions here and we would really love to hear your thoughts and comments! Our site is here:

Thank you so much and we do hope you try us and will enjoy spending time with people who love "The Americans" as much as you do!
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Thanks to Jae, we found out about this great community for our favorite TV show! We look forward to participating in the discussions here. If you like podcasts and are so inclined, please do give us a try. We are at and in iTunes and Stitcher. do svidaniya seychas!


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