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The spotlight is on the behind-the-scenes folks this time: this is a great piece about the show's directors.

And here is another similar sort of piece on the show's sound designers.

And here are two interviews with the showrunners: from the New York Post and from Assignment X.

On to the cast! Here's one interview with Holly Taylor (Paige) from her own hometown paper (in New Jersey).

One interview with Annet Manhendru (Nina) from Maxim.

One interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg) from The TV Junkies.

The Atlantic argues that The Americans feels like an all-new show now.

And finally, here's a fan's song fanmix for Elizabeth (including a sinister-sounding cover of a popular 80s song is a really inspired choice).
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At some point the news about The Americans will undoubtedly slow to a trickle, but right now there's still a lot out there because of the pre-Emmy interview season. Here's what I've been able to find this week:

• Writer and co-showrunner Joel Fields appeared in the LA Times' showrunners' panel (4th video in the series, ~1 hour).

• Matthew Rhys (Philip) also did a similar roundtable with potential drama actor nominees over at Variety (video, ~24 minutes).

• Noah Emmerich (Stan) also did a terrific long interview with the LA Times (video, ~30 minutes).

• Keri Russell (Elizabeth) also gave a great Skype interview to Gold Derby (video, ~25 minutes). TV Ate My Wardrobe has some highlights of that interview here.

• Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys also did an interview together with the LA Times.

Variety paired two actors for an interview who are rumoured to be in contention for awards, Matthew Rhys and Julianna Margulies from The Good Wife.

• Deadline has some excerpts from an interview with Joel Fields and Matthew Rhys.

And there's been plenty of non-interview reporting on the show this week too:

Variety also has a piece on why Brits are "taking over American TV" that features Matthew Rhys.

Time has listed The Americans as the top of a list of the ten best shows of 2014 so far.

The Washington Post included The Americans in a piece about technology in television shows.

• The AV Club also featured the show in a piece about the role of God in a few of today's television shows.

TV Guide has a few season three spoilers in their MegaBuzz column.

• WhatCulture talked about five "burning questions" for season three.

• GoldDerby talks about the show's chances at the Emmys this year.

• BitchFlicks has a piece on sex, love, and coercion in The Americans.

• Another fan has done a music fanmix for the show over at 8tracks called "Practicing Brinksmanship".
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As of this week we're halfway to the finale, wow. Hard to believe!

Collider did an interview this past week with showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields.

A Wall Street Journal interview with Matthew Rhys (Philip) and Keri Russell (Elizabeth).

A Rolling Stone interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina), and another from Emmys Magazine.

A The Wire interview with Joe Weisberg, hair and makeup artist Peg Schierholz, and Joel Fields about the show's disguises and more.

Two late reviews of season two: from the Canadian newspaper The Chronicle Herald and from Fox News Latino.

FX has released a new minidocumentary on counterintelligence (video, ~4 minutes).

A Vulture piece on shows still on the cancellation bubble has positive speculation about renewal for our favourite show, with details about why we should hope.

The Americans got a mention in Alyssa Rosenberg's Washington Post column about atheists on television.

It also got a mention in two pieces on the portrayal of rape survivors on television: from Think Progress, and from the Washington Post.

Billboard on the song that singer Pete Townshend has written and performed exclusively for an upcoming episode of The Americans.

The Wire on the history of the show's "Felicity wig".

The Americans exhibit has opened at Washington, D.C.'s spy museum.

#1 in the list of The Best Soundtrack Moments of March 2014 in Stereogum's "Trackspotting" column goes to Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes The Flood" in "The Walk In" (episode 203).

There's now a larger-scale version of the gorgeous The Americans-based artwork for Emily Nussbaum's New Yorker piece of a couple of weeks back on the website of the studio hired to do the piece.

And one more fanmix has been made for the show.
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A Forbes interview with the David Madden, president of Fox Television Studios, about an executive's look at producing The Americans.

A Vulture interview with Alison Wright (Martha) on Martha's chances of survival and other matters.

An Esquire interview with South African actor Cliff Simon, who played Yossi-the-Mossad-agent in "The Deal" (episode 205).

A Shape interview with Avital Zeisler, the self-defense expert who trained Keri Russell (Elizabeth) how to fight using something that could pass as systema.

TV Guide's piece "Underneath the Wigs," based on an interview with hair and makeup artist Peg Schierholz.

A Greencastle Echo-Pilot interview with makeup artist Lori Hicks.

An FX-produced mini-documentary takes a look at the KGB Rezidentura and what it took to build the set.

The official description has been released for episode 210.

Columnist Blake Rutherford from Arkansas Business makes a comparison between the show's political stories and the real-life politics of today.

There are some new spoilers from TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column.

The fashion blog Into the Gloss has a piece on how to replicate Elizabeth's early 80s look.

The Americans is now airing in Israel, with each episode airing the Sunday after it aired in the U.S. and Canada.

And there are two new 8tracks.com fanmixes for the show: Sorry I Didn't Kill You and Party At Ground Zero.
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The recaps for episodes 203 and 204 are being gathered here and here, respectively.

Relatedly, a wonderful analysis of "A Little Night Music" (204) by The New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum. (I'm actually not sure if this counts as a conventional episode recap or not! Eh, I'm putting it here.)

The title and description for episode 209 have been released.

An interview with Noah Emmerich (Stan) in The Providence Journal.

An interview with Alison Wright (Martha) in Divine Caroline.

Two pieces on the wigs on the show: from Vulture, and from The Wire.

From Esquire, a look at how the show designs its '80s sets.

Looks like the ratings have rebounded a little bit from episode 203's all-time-low. Small favours?

The blog Chick Flicking Reviews has reviewed the show.

Someone has made a fannish music mix for the show called "The Illegals".
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I tried to make a fanmix for the Americans. So far, there are four songs:

1) Roberta Flack - "To Love Somebody"
2) Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor - "You don't know me"
3) Maroon 5 - "She Will Be Loved"
4) Luka Bloom - "Rescue Mission"

Relevant lyrics snippets and youtube embeds under the cut )

That's all I could come up with so far, so I guess it doesn't count as a real fanmix yet. But this community is so awesome, I thought maybe we could throw together all our favorite Americans-related songs and can make it a full mix? Maybe even manage with only songs written before the 80s? I obviously failed spectacularly at that. *g*

I'd be excited to find out what songs you associate with the show! Let's make a collective fanmix?

I don't even know how to tag this...


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