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I dropped the ball on link-posting for most of the summer, but not on link-collecting. So that means a whole load of incoming links!

Arguably most importantly for the continuing presence of the show on North American screens, The Americans won this year's Outstanding Achievement in Drama award in the annual Television Critics Association awards. (The award was even presented by two critics who dressed up as "Clark" and "Jennifer" from the show!)

And not to leave out the Brits, the most important piece of news for the presence of the show on their screens: a deal has been made with ITV Encore to bring the show back to the UK after it was cancelled between seasons two and three.

The show didn't end up getting nominated for any significant Emmys, but there was a bunch of buzz around the possibility over the summer, and some of it is still worth reading and listening to in retrospect (mostly because it's not just about the potential for awards). Here are some links in that vein:

Indiewire interviewed co-showrunners Joel Weisberg and Joe Fields, and Goldderby interviewed Matthew Rhys (Philip) in advance of the Emmy nominations.

If you've got a bit of time to kill, here's critic Todd van der Werff (from Vox) making a case prior to the nominations for why the show actually did have a chance at some Emmy attention this year (audio, starting at around 29:00 and coming back to it around 38:00).

Of course, lots and lots of publications had stuff to say about the Emmy snub. I won't try to link to all of the mentions, but here are three pieces that focused specifically on The Americans: Decider, the New York Post, and Goldderby.

Entertainment magazine Vulture had its own alternate awards in its own categories this year, and The Americans won for best scene, best child actor, most improved show, and best drama.

There have also been a number of pieces about (or partly about) the show this summer that don't focus on awards:

Paul Sonne from the Wall Street Journal: "An ex-Russian spy on the accuracy of The Americans"

Alyssa Rosenberg from the Washington Post: "The economics that explain why more people aren't watching the best show on TV"

Emma Fraser from Flavorwire: "Talking TV underwear: ‘Masters of Sex,’ ‘The Americans,’ and ‘You’re the Worst’ costume designers on working from the inside out"

Kelly Schremph from Bustle: "How many The Americans seasons will there be? This Russian spy thriller could go on indefinitely

Philip Gould from the Providence Journal: "What's American about The Americans?"

Andrea Morabito from the New York Post: "Long live TV's female anti-heroes"

The show also made TIME TV critic Joe Poniewozik's list of the best shows of 2015 so far.

And finally, a new German spy show debuted this summer called "Deutschland 83" that has a lot of the same superficial premises. The co-creators and the star of that show talk about what they know about The Americans.
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The most important link of all: The Americans has been renewed for a fourth season!

Andy Greenwald has also trained his pen on the show this week.

Lightly Buzzed asks five burning questions after last week's episode, and Mstarz talks about the episode's great reception on Twitter.

Slate interviews the costume designers for the show.

And finally, this is only vaguely to do with the show, but a recent Russian spy couple unmasked in Belgium was compared extensively to the show (link goes to the original Dutch article, but here is an English translation that's pretty complete).
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Deadline is reporting that Lev Gorn (Arkady Ivanovich) is being promoted to series regular for season three.

The Washingtonian has an interview with costume designer Jenny Gering.

The UK-based online magazine Digital Spy has picked The Americans as one of its best TV shows you might have missed.

The AV Club features an article on "catfish culture" and how it's spilled over into lots of television shows that talks a lot about The Americans.

Hitfix reviewed the new U.S. fall spy drama Allegiance and compared it relentlessly with our show.

Elsewhere on dreamwidth, German fan [dreamwidth.org profile] selenak has been reviewing the show as she watches (in English).

Vox has nominated The Americans as one of the shows to binge-watch in 2014.

Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post talks about how the show deserves an Emmy for "Outstanding Casting of Young Actors."

And this is just a little thing, but this interview with Barbra Streisand makes a little mention of her love of our show. :)
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Two interviews with Matthew Rhys (Philip), one from TVRage and one from Starry Constellation Magazine.

A print interview with Noah Emmerich (Stan) from The Associated Press and a video one from Huffington Post Live.

An interview with producer Graham Yost and showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields from wegotthiscovered.com.

An interview with Keri Russell (Elizabeth) from IGN.

An interview with Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell from Vanity Fair.

An interview with costume designer Jenny Gering from StyleCaster.

And finally, an interview with cut for casting spoiler )

A more general piece on the show (including bits from an interview with Joe Weisberg) from The Philadelphia Inquirer

We now have an official description for episode 205 (season two, episode five).

More reviews of early season two from various U.S. and Canadian publications have come in, this time from the New Yorker, Slate, Hitfix, the Huffington Post, Variety, the AV Club, Your Entertainment Corner, the Denver Post, antennafree.tv and Canada's National Post. Spoilers abound.

One last review of the 1st season DVD/Blu-Ray from hamptonroads.com.

TV Ate My Wardrobe featured Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" on their Music Monday in honour of The Americans returning this week.

Vulture did a little feature on the show's "1980s inspiration wall" from the writers' room.

SpoilerTV and The Fashionista Stories have photos from last night's season two premiere party in New York.

And Rolling Stone did a little A-Z review of the basics of the show.

One more sleep!
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Get ready for a ludicrous number of links this time!

First off, there's a great interview with Keri Russell (Elizabeth) and Matthew Rhys (Philip) in Entertainment Weekly that's sadly behind a paywall, but [tumblr.com profile] jenningscomrades posted a series of readable screenshots over at Tumblr.

And speaking of Tumblr, the full set of promotional pictures for season two was posted by [tumblr.com profile] theamericanstv there too: 1, 2.

In further interviews, writer/showrunner Joe Weisberg was interviewed at the Writers' Guild of America Awards (the bit with Weisberg starts at 8:05), including at least a couple of things he hasn't already said a thousand times. :)

The show's costume designer Jenny Gering was also interviewed in Elle.

Episode 201 hasn't yet aired, of course, but we now have the plot description for episode 202.

According to writer/showrunner Joel Fields on Twitter, the script for the season two finale was finished this week, and the title for episode ten has been released.

And in the vein of "better late than never," the first season of our favourite show starts airing in Finland today on MTV (there's a trailer at the site and also a wonderful promotional campaign there) and in Germany on ProSieben Maxx (here's a trailer--dubbed, as is par for the course in Germany and a review from the Spiegel for those of you who speak German).

Any of you who are in New York or can get there easily can buy raffle tickets to join cast and crew in style at the season premiere (and get to see the first episode two days early!).

Bad news for anyone who was hoping to see The Americans on Netflix someday: Fox (which owns FX) and Amazon have signed a new distribution agreement granting Amazon Prime's Instant Video subscribers exclusive rights to the show.

There have been a few voices in the media that are hyping the season one DVD/Blu-Ray release in the hope of snagging new viewers before season two: The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Rotten Tomatoes (which chose The Americans as their Weekly Binge show last week).

And last but not least, here's a shot of Matthew Rhys checking out the timeline in the writers' room. (16 days!)


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