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First things first: let me just make a plug for that official podcast again. It is really just so wonderful, just every single week, and if you're a geeky The Americans fan who enjoys our conversations here and who isn't making time for the podcast, you're really missing out on something special. The distribution seems to be only through iTunes (link goes to the U.S. site, but it should forward you to your own country's site), but it's worth it, I swear, even for iTunes haters. (The podcasts are also available at the Soundcloud site for those who are iTunes-allergic.)

Noah Emmerich has been making the rounds doing interviews about his television directing debut and stuff going on with his character, and he's really been wonderfully eloquent about it all. Here's the gamut: Esquire, TVLine, the New York Daily News, Yahoo, Variety.

This interview with Alison Wright (Martha) goes into some detail about what she sees her character as suspecting and why.

Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post argues that The Americans is one of the most beautiful shows on TV, and Rolling Stone argues that it's television's best drama (also noteworthy here: the CEO of FX tweeted this article with the comment "Yes it is"). And Entertainment Weekly tells us why we should be watching.

A bit of fun: conspiracy theories that The Americans and the new comedy The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are secretly connected.

The staunchly left-wing Jacobin Magazine argued that the show "uses Soviet characters to valorise austerity". (and here's a critical response to that piece from a reader of the magazine).

And finally, some good ratings news: we have apparently bounced back to season-two levels.
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breitbart.com has an interview with showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg.

Photographer Rob Howard spent a day with Joel Fields to photograph him in various parts of his life with some accompanying introductory audio. The results of the project are here (including some great shots of what looks like the recording of the finale).

Costa Ronin (Oleg) has been doing lots of interviews lately: one in The Examiner, and one from yahoo.com.

The Atlantic has some great insight into the technical aspects of this past week's episode.

Columns galore on the show this week: from the National Review, from acculturated.com, and from the Modesto Bee. A columnist for Cox Newspapers has also nominated The Americans as one of the five shows worth bingeing on.

The Wire's "wig of the week" is Elizabeth's social worker disguise.

NBC has ordered a new Russian spy show for fall, and the critics are comparing the concept with The Americans: at Vulture and at the AV Club both.

Talk show host Rachael Ray did an interview with "Dr. Phil," and he mentioned The Americans (third video, the The Americans reference starts at 3:59).

FX has released a little featurette on Clark and Martha (only viewable from within the U.S.).
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In COMINT (1x05), Amador compliments Martha on her appearance. Martha complains (with Gaad present) that this is sexual harassment, and Gaad in turn rebukes Amador. But Gaad doesn't really believe what he's saying, and he lets Amador know that with Martha standing right there.  

I felt that this scene gave us a short but very significant glimpse into both the time period and the characters involved.  This scene helped set the stage later when we learned more about the Amador-Martha relationship.

This week's question: What were your impressions of this scene?   What other scenes did you feel helped flesh out the secondary characters?

You can expect spoilers for the entire first season in the comments.

(There's no expiration date on these questions, so if you're reading this post months later and feel like jumping in, please do.)


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