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The first episode of season four will be aired on Wednesday, March 16th!
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The producers and lead actors were all at the TCA panel in California this week. Here's a liveblog from Hitfix with the full (somewhat spoilery) scoop on what was said, and a piece from Entertainment Weekly, and another from TVLine.

FX CEO John Landgraf did a bit at the TCA as well, and among other things, he said that he expects the show to run for at least five seasons. (!!!!)

Americans, it looks like the show will soon be viewable on Hulu.

A new U.S. spy drama called Allegiance has been drawing comparisons to The Americans: Hollywood Reporter, IGN.

A Lancaster, Pennsylvania newspaper has an opinion piece about the show.

And for all New Yorkers or people who can get there easily: there is a raffle going on for two tickets to the season three premiere at the Museum of Modern Art. Let us know if you enter, we will cheer you on!
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The season three start date has been set! The show will remain on Wednesdays in the same time slot, and the first episode will be January 28th.

Alyssa Rosenberg has a column in the Washington Post about sex on television in which The Americans is featured.

Annet Mahendru (Nina) will be one of the presenters at next year's Emmys.

The network that aired Margo Martindale's (Claudia) sitcom has cancelled it. Commence speculation about how this will affect The Americans!

A call has been put out by the show's production team for a television commercial from 1982 for a Falls Church, Virginia business, presumably for use in season three.

The Paleyfest panel from fall 2013 has been released on DVD, bundled with the one of Elementary from the same 'fest.
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I attended The Americans panel event at NYCC and wanted to share some insights/thoughts/observations with you! This is my first post, so I'm kind of nervous, but hope you enjoy . . .

NYCC crowd.
I sat in the third row. The panel discussion had a good turn out, which was surprising to me, because I don’t consider The Americans a Comic Con-type-of-show. Maybe a “quasi-Comic Con” show?? I eavesdropped on the conversations around me. Nobody sitting around me had seen Season 2. A few people had never seen the show, but were huge Felicity fans.
  • How I’d summarize the general audience consensus about Season 1: “took some time to get into it, but then the s&*^ got real.”

First 8-10 minutes—a montage of clips from “Echo.” The people around me chuckled a little when Philip and Elizabeth woke up Paige & Henry. I wonder if those who had never seen the show understood what was happening.
  • My Personal Side Note. NYCC marked the first time I viewed The Americans on the big screen and what a delightful experience it was!!! I never realized how well the show translates on a big movie screen. I have viewed “Echo” about a million times on both my television and my mini iPad, yet on the movie screen, I enjoyed the episode 200% more than I already did.  I’m kind of shocked at how much I enjoyed seeing the show on a movie screen. I’ve never enjoyed watching movies for MANY reasons, but I will discuss the two most prominent reasons. First, I don’t find movie theatres to be an intimate setting. Physical space matters to me—when I watch something, I need to feel the comforts of my home.  I did not subjectively enjoy the first The X-Files movie, because I was so accustomed to watching the show from my bed. Second, I have a difficult time investing in characters within a two-hour time span. Ironically, I was hooked on The Americans Pilot within the first hour because I though it displayed the visual feel of a movie and I emotionally connected with the characters rather quickly. **Btw, for The Americans' final season (yes, I know—a depressing thought), I hope we get a 2-hour season premiere/finale with the budget the show had for the Pilot. **
  • I admit that I don’t think I would have enjoyed viewing “Echo” on the big screen if it was my first time seeing the episode. I’m still on the   fence if I would ever want to see a movie adaptation of The Americans. Of course, this point is moot, because sadly the show is not         profitable enough on the small screen to justify a movie. Nonetheless, an intriguing thought. 

Commie Con T-shirts.  As I am sure you all noticed, the entire gang was wearing the same shirt. The shirt was Matthew Rhys’ idea. Because he grew up in South Wales, which had “Communist influence,” he thought there was a convention called “Commie Con” in Wales and confused it with “Comic Con.” I received a free The Americans bag, but I would have preferred the t-shirt—just sayin’.

Andy Greenwald was a superb moderator—no surprise there. He knew when to keep quiet and when he did ask questions, they were insightful, eloquent, intelligent, and humorous—just like his essays!

Panel Discussion. General disclaimer: not too many spoilers were revealed. Did any of you seriously expect any hardcore spoilers? Nonetheless, here’s a list of discussions I noted:
• First question was for the writers and their experience writing the show, given that they have two seasons under their belt. Joe Weisberg said the first season was the most exhausting.
• Andy Greenwald made a funny comment/observation about Philip’s love for cowboy attire. He noted that during season one, Philip donned the boots and a pervert took a beating and during the second season, he donned the hat and a busboy got killed. He then asked Matthew Rhys what would happen if Philip actually did end up in Texas. Matthew Rhys said he’d bring a lasso with him.
• Andy Greenwald asked whether Stan was going to have a better time next season. There was conversation about the Phil-Stan racquetball scenes—the writers had fun with that set. Writers seemed to hint at some Phil/Stan scenes next season.
• There will be focus on Afghanistan next season and Joe Weisberg is REALLY excited about that.  Don't ask Joel Fields why Joe Weisberg is really excited :-P
• Andy Greenwald asked about the multiple levels of acting (the actors have to act like Philip and Elizabeth, who in turn, have to act like other personas in disguise). Matthew Rhys said that Philip doesn’t have to be a great actor; he just has to convince the person sitting in front of him.
• Season 3 will focus on parenting—nothing new there. Nina will live (yes, there are STILL people asking this question).
• Noah Emmerich joked about how he still confuses Joel with Joe.
• Andy Greenwald asked whether the writers come up with material/stories based on the disguises. The writers agreed that "Clark" is the one disguise they write to the most.
• Season 2 disguises will return in Season 3 and will be fleshed out (YAY!)

Audience questions.  A majority of questions were ones you’ve read in every interview (e.g., what’s your favorite disguise), but here are some questions that elicited funny and/or interesting responses:
• A person asked about experience in researching old school technology. Joe Weisberg remarked that unfortunately, he didn’t have to research the technology because he actually remembered using the technology. The entire panel began to laugh. Then, he clarified that technically only he, Joel Fields, and Noah Emmerich are old enough to remember. Noah Emmerich then quipped, “Remembered what? Wearing shoes?”
• Both Andy Greenwald and an audience member asked about the on and off -screen dynamics between the actors. Specifically, an audience member noted that both Noah Emmerich/Annet Mahendru and Matthew Rhys/Keri Russell film a majority of their scenes together. Thus, how do the respective acting pairs “cool” off after filming, because they spend long hours together tackling dark subject matter.
o Annet Mahendru joked that Noah Emmerich tells “knock-knock” jokes
o Noah Emmerich said that he and Annet Mahendru have a good time after filming, but noted that he’s weary of bonding TOO much with any of his co-stars off-screen, because he’s afraid of how their off-screen relationship might affect the dynamics of a particular scene (e.g., sometimes a scene calls for an argument; other times, a scene calls for amorous eye gazes). Matthew Rhys took keen interest in Noah Emmerich’s remarks and nodded in agreement with him. **I really liked Noah Emmerich’s answer. I admire that he’s the consummate professional and his answer shows just how much he cares about the characters and the overall integrity of the show. As I noted before, Matthew Rhys definitely respected and agreed with Noah Emmerich’s answer—good to know they have the same ideals for the show : D **
o Matthew Rhys apologized for mentioning the “slapping” story again and joked that his relationship with Keri Russell had not changed off- screen since filming the Pilot because she still slaps him. :P
• A woman in the audience asked whether Nina is pregnant, because the writers said that next season’s focus is on parenting. The entire panel and audience laughed. Matthew Rhys joked that the writers are now scribbling down notes. Then, the woman waited at the microphone and said, “Well, you didn’t answer my question.” There was an awkward silence and of course, the writers and actors were mum. I read an article, in which the author surmised that Nina is pregnant, because the writers’ silence implied that she was pregnant. **My personal take—I don’t think the writers’ silence is an implication that Nina is pregnant. Well, at least, I will give the writers a benefit of the doubt that they will not be resorting to such a cliché, soap opera-ish rouse **

A little side story.  I attended NYCC immediately after I left a meeting, so I was dressed in a conservative attorney’s outfit. When I entered the Javits Center, I immediately thought about how out-of-place I looked. Coincidentally, for some reason, the audience for The Americans panel was also inappropriately dressed for NYCC. Matthew Rhys noted the attire in the audience and joked, “I want to congratulate this particular audience for showing the spirit of Comic Con. Given that you’re supposed to dress up in costumes, I appreciate this audience’s very subtle costume choices—clearly, I see you’re fans of the show because you’ve dressed like The Americans.” [Paraphrase] As much as I loved the Commie Con shirts, I would’ve paid a million bucks to see all of the actors dress up in disguise for the panel discussion.

Personal Musings/Vents/Rants
• I am so incredibly happy Matthew Rhys attended NYCC. Matthew Rhys was not originally scheduled to attend NYCC; only Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Keri Russell, Noah Emmerich, and Annet Mahendru were originally scheduled to attend. Matthew Rhys was clearly the highlight of the panel and was hilarious! I want to start a Twitter petition to get Matthew Rhys to host SNL to promote The Americans Season 3 opening. Anyone want to join???
• I’m also SO happy that nobody discussed the “69” scene from Season 2. Seriously, people—get over it! Sorry, but I thought that was the most over-hyped scene of Season 2. I guess I’m in the minority . . .
• I missed Alison Wright and Susan Misner at the panel. I would’ve loved to see Holly Taylor and Keidrich Sellati, too! (Neat side story: I take acting lessons on the side and I just found out my coach is in the same theatre group w/ Alison Wright--how cool is that?!?! I'll get to meet and see her the next time she performs!)
• Dear person sitting next to me—Please do not bring gross smelling food with you. That’s rude. I felt like puking for the first 5 minutes of the panel discussion.
• I sat in the third row, so I had REALLY good seats. However, if you want first & second-row seats, you have to come to the room when the doors open. The people in the front two rows were not fans of The Americans; they came to the room at 10 AM to claim seats because they were waiting for a comic book panel discussion in the room.

Miscellaneous Tidbits
• I think I heard Andy Greenwald say something about Joe Weisberg guest starring? Sorry, I didn’t hear the complete context, because I was trying to prevent myself from puking :< UPDATE:  I just found out on Twitter that Joe Weisberg will be guest starring on The Good Wife tonight.   So take that--The Walking Dead season premiere. 
• Season 3 will start in January—only 3 months away!!!
• Season 2 DVDs come out on December 16th!

***Pictures to be posted soon***
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Get ready for a ludicrous number of links this time!

First off, there's a great interview with Keri Russell (Elizabeth) and Matthew Rhys (Philip) in Entertainment Weekly that's sadly behind a paywall, but [tumblr.com profile] jenningscomrades posted a series of readable screenshots over at Tumblr.

And speaking of Tumblr, the full set of promotional pictures for season two was posted by [tumblr.com profile] theamericanstv there too: 1, 2.

In further interviews, writer/showrunner Joe Weisberg was interviewed at the Writers' Guild of America Awards (the bit with Weisberg starts at 8:05), including at least a couple of things he hasn't already said a thousand times. :)

The show's costume designer Jenny Gering was also interviewed in Elle.

Episode 201 hasn't yet aired, of course, but we now have the plot description for episode 202.

According to writer/showrunner Joel Fields on Twitter, the script for the season two finale was finished this week, and the title for episode ten has been released.

And in the vein of "better late than never," the first season of our favourite show starts airing in Finland today on MTV (there's a trailer at the site and also a wonderful promotional campaign there) and in Germany on ProSieben Maxx (here's a trailer--dubbed, as is par for the course in Germany and a review from the Spiegel for those of you who speak German).

Any of you who are in New York or can get there easily can buy raffle tickets to join cast and crew in style at the season premiere (and get to see the first episode two days early!).

Bad news for anyone who was hoping to see The Americans on Netflix someday: Fox (which owns FX) and Amazon have signed a new distribution agreement granting Amazon Prime's Instant Video subscribers exclusive rights to the show.

There have been a few voices in the media that are hyping the season one DVD/Blu-Ray release in the hope of snagging new viewers before season two: The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Rotten Tomatoes (which chose The Americans as their Weekly Binge show last week).

And last but not least, here's a shot of Matthew Rhys checking out the timeline in the writers' room. (16 days!)
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From Vulture, Keri Russell gives an interview about season two. Mild spoilers to be found (including one tidbit that hadn't been mentioned yet).

An official summary of episode 201 (second season, first episode) has been released.

The promo trailers that have been airing on FX are slowly being released. It seems that they're first being posted on the official Facebook page (so far the "Paige and Henry" trailer and the "Danger" trailer are up). There are also copies here if you'd prefer not to go to Facebook, but Facebook is where FX seems to be releasing them first.

Over on Tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] mrbelpitsleg (better known to us dreamwidthers as [dreamwidth.org profile] theplatonicnonyeah) has posted some still shots from the various trailers to give us a better look: 1, 2, 3.

And finally, here are Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell co-presenting an award at the 2014 Writers' Guild Awards.

[Edited to add: Okay, this really can't wait until next week! There's a season one gag reel that's just been released--it's almost certainly the one that's on the season one DVD.]
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Okay, I have to ask this: Did anybody else wake up this morning and say to themselves: "It's February today! We are now in the month that there will be new the Americans episodes!"?

I mean, we're still 24 days off, so it's a little silly, but perhaps I'm not alone? :)
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Coming Soon is announcing that the premiere of season two will be on February 26th (so if you guessed that in our poll, pat yourself on the back)

Some new season two spoilers about the content of the premiere episode (if you're supremely spoiler-averse, don't hover on the link)

and one last best-of-2013 list, this time from Las Vegas Weekly.
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To bide our time before they announce the official Season Two start date (beyond the vague date of 'February'), it's a poll! Informed guesses are welcome, but wild stabs-in-the-dark equally so. :)

This poll is closed.
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What is your best-guess date as to when season two will begin (multiple 'ticks' possible)?

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February 16th
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February 17th
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February 18th
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February 19th
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February 20th
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February 21st
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February 22nd
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February 23rd
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February 24th
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February 25th
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February 26th
4 (66.7%)

February 27th
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February 28th
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Treon noticed that thetvdb is now listing the U.S./Canada debut airdate for season two, episode one as February 5th, 2014. This is unconfirmed, but it's the first mention either of us has noticed of a specific date, so we figured it was worth mentioning. They have now removed this listing.

This little tidbit from Variety includes a short interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina).

Another fan in the New York area took some pictures of a day's shooting and posted them to instagram (only very minor spoilers included in the pictures).

season two casting spoiler under the cut )
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Now that the new season of our beloved show has started filming (airdates are to follow, but they're saying "January" for the U.S. and Canada), tiny not-particularly-spoilery spoilers are starting to leak out on Twitter.

cut to spare the PARTICULARLY spoiler-averse, but honestly, these really aren't all that spoilery! )

And for the Tweeps out there, here are some The Americans Twitter personalities that you might be interested in following:

@joeweisberg: Joe Weisberg, creator, writer, showrunner.
@joelfields: Joel Fields, writer & co-showrunner.
@matthewrhys: Matthew Rhys (Philip)
@noahemmerich: Noah Emmerich (Stan)
@annetmahendru: Annet Mahendru (Nina)
@alison__wright: Alison Wright (Martha)
@hollytaylor97: Holly Taylor (Paige)
@keidrichsellati: Keidrich Sellati (Henry)
@richardthomas_1: Richard Thomas (Agent Gaad)
@m_nussbaum: Molly Nussbaum, one of the writing team
@DerekSimonID4: Derek Simon, one of the writing team
@theamericansFX: The official U.S.-based Twitter account for the show
@theamericansUK: The official UK-based Twitter account for the show


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