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Because of my travels over the next little while, I will either be making the episode discussion posts on a slightly different schedule than what you are used to: either much earlier or somewhat later than has been typical. If I opt for "somewhat later," the posts may end up being made partway through the airing or immediately after. So if you come to check on the comm and notice that the post hasn't been made yet, rest assured that I haven't forgotten, and it's coming!
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Last year during the hiatus, this community rewatched season one as a group on a one-episode-per-week basis and had a weekly discussion on an agreed-upon date (for new folks, you can have a look at those old posts if you want by paging back on the episode discussion tag). We're tentatively planning on doing that again, but we'd like some input from you folks on how best to approach it. It would be great if you could all fill out this poll and/or leave comments to let me and [dreamwidth.org profile] treonb know what your preferences are. Thanks in advance!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 15

Just generally, what do you think of a community rewatch as a group activity during the hiatus?

View Answers

I like the idea and would participate.
9 (69.2%)

I like the idea and would prefer doing it sooner rather than later.
1 (7.7%)

I like the idea, but think we should do it closer to the start of season three (sometime in 2015) rather than anytime soon.
4 (30.8%)

I like the idea, but would have trouble participating because I don't have a good way of getting my hands on the episodes.
4 (30.8%)

I probably wouldn't participate by rewatching the episodes, but I'd still enjoy reading the resulting discussion.
2 (15.4%)

Not for me, thanks.
0 (0.0%)

Something else I will elaborate on in comments.
1 (7.7%)

If and when we do a rewatch, how would you prefer that we go about it?

View Answers

First season first, then second season.
12 (85.7%)

Second season first, then first season.
2 (14.3%)

Second season only.
3 (21.4%)

Something else I will elaborate on in comments.
0 (0.0%)

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Now that the season is over, we have a few plans on how to get through the long, long hiatus.

1. Show News - We'll continue to post show and actors news and updates.

2. Question of the Week
- As we did last year, we will post a 'Question of the Week' every week to discuss issues that are not episode specific.

You can look over the previous questions on our Comm Index.  You're welcome to add to the Season One answers, but please keep all answers free of post-S1 spoilers!  We'll be revisiting some of the questions with an S2 perspective.

3. Group rewtach - Additionally, down the line we'll also have a group rewatch of S2, and possibly also S1.

4. Fic! Vid! Art! - No time like the hiatus to catch up on fanworks, and our little fandom is always begging for more!  If you have ideas or requests, please post them on our prompts post.

If you have any more suggestions, please add them in the comments!

May is our comm anniversary month.  Hard as it is to believe (time just flew by so fast!), our little comm is now celebrating one year!   

*hangs up balloons and hands out cake*

A big thank you to [personal profile] jae for making this comm what it is!  Without her, I'd still be wondering who else I could talk to about The Americans.

And thanks to each and every one of you for making this comm such a wonderful place to discuss our amazing show! :-D  I really enjoyed the episode discussions throughout the year, and many times your comments gave me a whole new perspective on the the episode and the show.  

I wish our one-year-old comm many more years of happiness!

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If you're wondering what to do during the long hiatus: The Americans has its own wiki, and it is desperately looking for fans to update it. Thanks to [personal profile] wendelah1  who brought up this issue!
As of today, I am the wiki admin (and no, I have no idea what I'm doing :-).  If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

What to write?  The wiki is missing information on episodes, characters, cast and crew and anything else you might think of.  Feel like making a list of songs used in the episodes or writing about spying in the 1980s?  This is the place!

A little intro to wiki-editing:

To add to the wiki you can sign-up, or you can just go ahead and edit.

To add a page or photo: click on the "contribute" link on the top right
To update a page: Click on the "Edit" button next to the page name. You have a toolbar on top for formatting and you can link to any other page on the wiki (or anywhere, actually). When you finish, click the "publish" button on the far right. If you want, you can first click "preview" to see what it would look like.
You can also categorize: When you edit the page, there's a box on the right-hand side to add categories. Or you can go to the bottom of the page and click "add category".
The most important thing: do not be afraid of making mistakes.  Worse case, you (or somebody else) can always edit again.  

Comm Index

May. 11th, 2014 06:36 pm
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Latest Spoiler & Speculation post

Episode Discussions

Season One

1x01 - PilotEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x02 - The ClockEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x03 - GregoryEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x04 - In ControlEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x05 - COMINTEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x06 - Trust MeEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x07 - Duty and HonorEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x08 - Mutually Assured DestructionEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x09 - Safe HouseEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x10 - Only YouEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x11 - Covert WarEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x12 - The OathEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch
1x13 - The ColonelEpisode Discussion | S1 Rewatch

Season Two

2x01 - ComradesEpisode Discussion
2x02 - CardinalEpisode Discussion
2x03 - The Walk InPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x04 - A Little Night MusicPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x05 - The DealPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x06 - Behind the Red DoorPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x07 - ARPANETPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x08 - New CarPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x09 - Martial EaglePromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x10 - YousafPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x11 - StealthPromo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x12 - Operation Chronicle:  Promo Discussion | Episode Discussion
2x13 - Echo: Promo Discussion | Episode Discussion

Questions of the Week
Season One

1. What are three things that you're hoping to see happen in season two?  (Question Link)

What happened during season one that surprised you most? (Question Link)

Which character from The Americans is, more than any other, the one who intrigues you most? (Question Link)

What do you think it is about this very American show that makes it appeal to non-Americans? (Question Link)

Did you change your mind about any of the characters as the show progressed? (Question Link)

The two central elements of the show are the relationship between Philip and Elizabeth and their work. They are also parents, however. How do you feel about the way the show treats these elements of their lives? Which elements of it work for you, and which don't? (Question Link)

The marriage at the centre of the show is the one between Philip and Elizabeth, but there's another marriage that looms large as well: the one between Stan and Sandra. Both marriages have problems. To what extent are those problems similar, or are they entirely different? (Question Link)

Is there a song that strikes you as something they should use on the show--and if so, what sort of scene might it accompany? (Question Link)

How do you think the Russian characters' thoughts on defection change over time? (Question Link)

In COMINT (1x05), Amador compliments Martha on her appearance. Martha complains (with Gaad present) that this is sexual harassment. What were your impressions of this scene?   What other scenes did you feel helped flesh out the secondary characters? (Question Link)

11. Is there any specific character you wish you knew more about?  (Question Link)

12. The three main characters on our show are all living discontinuous lives.  How do you think that works for each of those three characters? (Question Link)

13. What's your favorite season 1 episode? (Question Link)

14. The writers of this show seem to have a love for full formal names when it comes to the KGB side of the Cold War.  What do you think the writers are up to with this? Any thoughts on an explanation for this that works within the world of the show?  (Question Link)

What's your least favorite season 1 episode? (Question Link)

16. The Americans has enough of a viewership to have been renewed for a second season, but the fandom for the show (people who make the effort to seek out other fans to talk about the show with, people who create their own fanworks about the show) remains quite small. Why do you think that might be?  (Question Link)

17. What's your personal policy on spoilers: love 'em? Hate 'em? Do you feel the same way about spoilers for the Americans as you feel about spoilers for other shows?  (Question Link)

18. Back in the pilot, Stan voiced to Sandra that he thought there was "something a little bit off" about Philip. To what extent do you think he still thinks that by the end of the season? (Question Link)

19.  What real-life sociopolitical events would you like to see our favourite Russians dealing with in episodes in season two and beyond? (Question Link)

20. Which two characters would you most like to see in a scene together in season two who haven't (or haven't often) had a scene together before? (Question Link)

21. It's December 23, 1981. What are our favourite characters doing for Christmas? (Question Link)

22. With 1982 drawing near, what do you think our chars' New Year's resolutions would be? (Question Link)

23. Last week ABC premiered a Cold-War-era spy miniseries called The Assets.  (1) What were the things that attracted you to our show?  (2) Do you intend to give this show a try? If you've watched it, would you recommend it to other fans?  (Question Link

24. Who would you like to see as Claudia's replacement in Season 2? (Question Link)

25. Based on what we know about him, what do you think is Philip's background story? (Question Link)

26. Where do you think Paige's storyline might go after the events of the finale? (Question Link)

27. What's your most memorable scene of S1? (Question Link)

28. At the end of Season 1, Nina decided to turn against Stan and the FBI and work as a double agent for the KGB.  Where do you see her going from here?  (Question Link)

29. What's your wish-list for storylines you'd like to see? (Question Link)

30. Four more days to go until more show!  How excited are you?  (Question Link)
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Just a gentle reminder that the episode discussions are meant to include only what's aired up to the episode in question (i.e. no spoilers from whatever journalist commentaries you've read, from promos, etc.).

There's been a bit of "promo creep" in the discussions, where we've played a bit fast and loose with the rules when it comes to bits discussing upcoming promos, but hopefully now that there's a separate post to discuss the promos, that won't seem as tempting!
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Well, the good news is that the episode discussion posts have been enormously popular--thanks so much to everyone who's joined in and helped make them such a resounding success!

The bad news is that they're so popular that if someone watches the episode late and wants to jump in after a day or two, they often don't know where to start in terms of reading the discussion that's gone before (since reading it all often isn't an option for a busy person). Of course anyone can always start an entirely new thread at the bottom, and that's great, but some people want to read some of the other discussion, and it would be nice to make it easier for them to do that.

So [personal profile] treonb and I had the idea that we'd like to encourage people to use the subject headers more. What this means is that when you're leaving a comment, it would be great if you could give your comment a subject having something to do with what the comment is about. This can be done when you're starting a brand new thread, where you could call your comment something like "Jae's thoughts upon first watching", but you can also add a more specific subject header when you're responding to someone else's comment (or change the one that's already there), like this:

cut for one screenshot, including minor spoilers for episode 202 )

If everyone does this, then when threads get long and the comments stop appearing in full, they will no longer look like this:

cut for one screenshot with no spoilers )

...but instead like this:

cut for one screenshot, including minor spoilers for episode 202 )

...and then people can click on the "expand" link for just the particular threads that sound intriguing to them based on the subject lines.

This isn't a change in official community policy for commenting or anything, so don't worry if you forget! We're just trying this out to see if it makes things easier. Because maybe even if only some people do it, it will have the effect of making the discussion posts seem less daunting.

And once again, thanks to everyone for participating! Treon and I are both so excited about how well the discussions have been going.


Feb. 18th, 2014 03:57 pm
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If you want to see a The Americans fanwork of any type (fic, vid, art), this is the place to ask for it.

To request a fanwork:

Comment to this post with your prompt or request:

I Would Like:
I Don't Want:

To answer a request:

Reply to the original request comment with your story or art.  

There are a few ways you can do that:
1. Post the fanwork itself as a comment
2. Post the fanwork on your journal and post a link in the comment
3. Post the fanwork in a new post to our comm, and post a link in the comment.  

Don't forget to add rating/spoilers/warnings etc, in your header, just as with any regular posting (see here for our Fanworks Guidelines).

Both prompts and fanwork responses can be posted anonymously.
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Two milestones worthy of mention from this past week: our countdown to season two is now down to less than a month, and our small-but-mighty comm hit fifty subscribers (welcome! don't be shy. :).

GQ did a racy photoshoot with Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell.

Charitybuzz is auctioning off a set visit to The Americans and lunch with Keri Russell in support of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation (which supports women filmmakers).


May. 12th, 2013 10:32 pm
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I prepared two banners to help promote our new comm.  Share and enjoy  :-)

Embed code: <a href="http://theamericans.dreamwidth.org" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" src="http://i.imgur.com/mixj42P.png"></img></a>

Embed code: <a href="http://theamericans.dreamwidth.org" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" src="http://i.imgur.com/61JGCIM.png"></img></a>
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General Community Guidelines

Community Focus: All posts must be "The Americans"-related in some way. We are always excited to welcome new members, but please refrain from posting simple introductions to yourself without including some sort of show-related discussion topic (a question, observation, speculation, etc.) or new information/media along with it.

Actor Discussion: Please do not bash or gossip about the actors/actresses involved in the show. We welcome and encourage talk about why you like or dislike a character, or whether or not you think a particular actor/actress portrays their character in a way that you find convincing, but would prefer that community members refrain from personal attacks and speculation about their personal lives.

Episode Discussion: Once the second season starts, one of the community hosts will be posting a weekly open discussion post for every newly aired episode. Please try to keep all general episode discussion/speculations/etc. to those posts. If you want to talk about something larger in scope than just that week's episode, however, please feel free to use a new post.

Content Warnings: The Americans is rated TV-MA. This means the show is designed for adults and is unsuitable for audience under 17. Episodes contain crude language, explicit sexual activity, and graphic violence. All discussion and fanworks based on show material may contain such aspects without prior warning. For more on triggers in fanworks, please see the fanworks guidelines.

Spoilers: All information pertaining to unaired episodes (titles, summaries, screencaps, casting calls, etc.) are considered spoilers and should be put behind a cut until at least one week after the episode has aired.  Please warn of spoilers in the subject line.

: Fanworks (fanfiction, art, picspam, icons, etc.) are allowed and encouraged. Please see the fanworks guidelines below.

Cuts: If you're posting a long article or a large image (more than 500x500,), place it under a cut.

Tags: Tagging will be handled by the comm hosts.

Announcements: If you'd like to make an announcement about a new community, ficathon, etc., it's probably okay as long as you can give an on-topic, "The Americans" spin on it, but please check with one of the community hosts ([personal profile] jae or [personal profile] treonb ) by private message before posting it. When you make it, your post should make clear that a host gave permission.

Comments Guidelines
Some posts have many comments and it can be difficult to follow them all.  The following might be helpful in such cases:

Subject header - Give your comment a good subject header and it will be easier to find on the page later.  See here for instructions.

Comment tracking - You can follow up on comments with comment tracking.  See here for instructions.  On our comm, comment tracking is enabled by clicking the 'bell' icon.

Discussion format - By default, Dreamwidth discussions are threaded.  If you prefer the non-threaded format, click the "Flat" option below the main post.  See here for instructions.

If you need help, contact one of the community hosts  ([personal profile] jae or [personal profile] treonb ) - we'll be glad to help out!

Fanfiction: Fanfiction about the show's characters is welcome. Feel free to either post the story here or provide a link to it in your own journal or at another archive.

RPF: - Fanfiction about the show's actors (RPF) is only welcome if it's specifically related to the show. Please check with one of the community hosts ([personal profile] jae or [personal profile] treonb) by private message if you have any questions about a specific case.

Fanvids: Fanvids about the show are welcome. Feel free to either embed the vid in the post or link to it in your own journal or at another archive.

Picspams: Picspams are allowed, but please make sure they are more than simply an assortment of random photos. Unless they are a) new photos or b) edited/organized into a theme, please refrain from posting them.

Cuts: If you're posting a large image (more than 500x500) or more than 3 icons, place it under a cut.

Archiving: Posting here means you are giving your consent to your post being archived (here in the community), either through tags, memories, or both. 

: Please note, all fanworks (including fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, fanvids, and all web graphics such as icons and wallpapers) are the creation of the fan who made them. If you would like to use or archive said fanworks, you must contact the creator directly.

Content Warnings: Fanworks containing potentially triggering subjects should be placed behind a cut. Authors may decide 'not to warn'.

Suggested Header

Content notes: 
Author notes: 


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