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A New Yorker piece about the pre-Internet technology that's been discussed in the most recent episodes.

An ABC News interview with Matthew Rhys (video, ~11.5 minutes), and a print one from Chicago Pride.

A Better TV (UK) interview with Alison Wright (video, ~4.5 minutes).

A Capitol File Magazine interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg), and a photo of the piece about him in TV Guide

An Interview Magazine interview with Aimee Carrero (Lucia), and another with PopSugar (video, ~2 minutes).

Time Magazine interviewed co-showrunner Joel Fields as a part of a piece on sexual assault survivors on television.

A Marshfield Mariner interview with Susan Misner (Sandra).

Three columns on the second season: from the Boston Herald, from ozy.com, and from Weld for Birmingham.

Two "Wig of the Week" installments from The Wire: one on Philip's Clark disguise, and another on Nina's emotional disguises.

The show has released an official video about the show's wardrobe (warning: visible only to viewers in the U.S.).

Elle has a feature about "TV daughters we love to hate," and Paige is mentioned.

The official description of episode 211 has been released.

The Sacramento Bee has a review of the Americans exhibit at the International Spy Museum.
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I'll start with two recent pieces that really get into some detail about the show and the making of it: a great interview with the The Americans editors from Editors Guild Magazine, and a piece with a focus on Keri Russell from Capitol File Magazine. Both have very (very very!) minor spoilers for storylines in season two.

Next, a satisfying "guide to the TV galaxy" from the Weekly Wonk (a U.S.-based political magazine) that focuses primarily on awesome non-U.S. shows, but pays tribute to our show as well. :)

And finally, some tiny tidbits from Twitter:

Non-spoileriffic: a cute photo of a cat on Matthew Rhys' chair, a shot of the actors who play Martha, Nina, and Sandra together at a recent fundraiser, and a picture of showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg together on set while filming.

Mildly spoileriffic: a shot of a prop from a corner of a set, a shot of the filming of an outdoor scene, a shot of Keri Russell in disguise, two tweets from writer Angelina Burnett about the shooting of an episode that she wrote (including one very intriguing spoiler!), and a photo of a script that reveals the title for season two, episode four.

(Heads-up to the spoilerphobes: there may be discussion of the spoilers linked to above in the comments.)


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