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If you read only one of these links, make it this brilliant interview with the showrunners. Variety also has a bunch of audio excerpts from a different interview with them.

This piece about the show's sound editing is also very good, though.

Foreign Policy has a piece about the best Washington-related shows (The Americans is #2).

There's more bad news about the ratings, and the critics who love it are starting to get a little uneasy. Both Grantland and Forbes have "here's why you should watch" pieces.

The Deccan Herald has an interview with Rahul Khanna (Yousaf).

Los Angeles Magazine has a piece about The Americans and House of Cards.

The season three DVD is available for pre-order.

This is kind of wonderful: the online magazine descended from the Daily Worker (the newspaper published by the Communist Party of the U.S.) is recapping The Americans.

A Russia Today journalist has a short piece about the show, including a little interview with the showrunners.
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Some links to whet your appetite for tonight's episode (though as last year, the episode-specific links are have been added to the episode post instead of being posted here):

Writing staff member/script coordinator Molly Nussbaum will be doing a new podcast on the show at Slate! Here's the first episode, which consists of a great interview with the showrunners.

An interview with Matthew Rhys for Backstage, and a few more for Hitfix, Variety, Digital Journal, Spinoff, and FashionNStyle.

An interview with Keri Russell with Starpulse.

The "Watching The Americans" podcast have an interview with Kelly AuCoin (Pastor Tim).

Director Tommy Schlamme talks about his work on The Americans, as well as two of his other projects: West Wing and Manhattan.

Slate has an interview with the The Americans set designers that goes into depth on the particulars (with lots of pictures!).

Rahul Khanna (Yousaf) did an interview with the Times of India in which he decried the censorship of his nude scenes in the premiere in his home country.

SpoilerTV will be doing an interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina) and are looking for suggestions on questions.

A writer from the Daily Beast had been putting off trying the show, finally forced himself to watch, and loved it.

A piece in US News and World Report talks about all the ways the show is more an exaggeration of real spying than a representation of it.

A piece in the Huffington Post talks about being a background actor (extra) on the show.

A piece in the New York Post about male nudity on television talks about The Americans, among other shows.

A few spoiler pieces for tonight's episode: from Movie News Guide, and to TV Equals.

Vogue has a list of reasons why you should watch season three, while the Huffington Post has a piece with eight reasons (among many) to love The Americans.

A fluffy little video promo for the show with Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys from TV Guide Magazine.
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Canada's National Post has an interview with showrunner Joe Weisberg, and Joe was also featured in this Washington Post piece about former spies now writing for television.

Two interviews with Keri Russell about season three (spoilers abound): Showbizjunkies and NuketheFridge. Showbizjunkies also did a similar interview with Matthew Rhys.

Rahul Khanna (Yousaf Rana) gave a kind of fluffy interview to Savvy Magazine in which he talked about his turn on The Americans.

A few extra spoilers in advance of Wednesday's season three debut: one about Philip and one about Martha. There are also two pieces (from Fox News and from the Wall Street Journal) with spoilers for a particular Elizabeth scene from the first episode of the season.

Some reviews of season three are starting to come in: from Columbus Alive, from Forbes, and from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

A blog post that argues that The Americans is so good because it refuses to make viewers comfortable.

And finally, a fun little piece from a reporter who went on a tour of the set and reports on which books and music are in the bedrooms of the various Jenningses.
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Lots of new casting spoilers this week! Here's one about a new male recurring character, here's one about a female recurring character who we've seen once before, and here's another one about a male recurring character who we've seen once before.

Our own [dreamwidth.org profile] lisa_lnc already told us this in her great NYC Comic-Con panel review, but TVshowsonDVD has confirmation that the season two DVD box set will be out on December 16th. (Extras will include deleted scenes, a gag reel, and two featurettes called Operation Ghost Stories: The Real Directorate S and Shades of Red: The Mortality of the Americans.)

There's also one last NYC ComicCon review over at Polygon.

The student paper at Notre Dame University has a review of the show.

And for those of you who don't watch The Good Wife, you might be amused to learn that The Americans creator Joe Weisberg had a little cameo on a recent episode. The writers of the show thanked him on Twitter for appearing, and outed themselves as fans of The Americans in the process.

Finally, the People's Choice Awards have a tiny (and somewhat silly) interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina).
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These built up again, so I'm not going to wait the full week! Moaaar links, coming right up:

First, in honour of Valentine's Day, some The Americans valentines by the show's script coordinator Molly Nussbaum: Philip, Stan, Elizabeth, Irina, Clark, Paige, Stan II.

Next, the First Look at Season Two thing from U.S. iTunes that [dreamwidth.org profile] sistermagpie posted about is now up on youtube and viewable by non-Americans. :)

The results of two interviews with Starpulse's Brittany Fredrick: one with showrunner-writers Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, and one with executive producer Graham Yost (this latter one is specifically a look back at season one, if you're extra-spoiler-avoidant).

And speaking of interviews, SpoilerTV.com is soliciting questions for a future interview with Joel Fields.

FX is doing an online promo game that allows people to "unlock" a special preview by answering a question for 3 days--first on Facebook, then on Twitter, then on Instagram (viewable only in the U.S., because on the main FX site, but [dreamwidth.org profile] apolla_savre has posted screencaps in the comments for us American-impaired folks).

Some information on one of this season's guest actors (I won't mention the name in case people are avoiding casting spoilers). He also tweeted about his nudity contract and took a picture of the wardrobe department while on set.

Spoilers galore! [personal profile] sistermagpie already linked to this, but just in case someone missed it, a wonderful Entertainment Weekly review of the season opener (including at least a few spoilers that hadn't already been leaked)! Plus a few more old-hat spoilers from other sources: from TVGuide and from Enstars.

The title of episode eleven (of thirteen) has been released.

There is now a full episode description for episode 203 (second season, third episode).

The "Paige and Henry," "Danger," and "Rules" trailers have finally been put on youtube.

A silly "Parenting tips from The Americans" vid from youtube that feels like a fanvid but is apparently made by the people who make the show.

A shot of Keri Russell on set outdoors from a couple of days back.

Yahoo's TV blog nominates The Americans as one of the shows to catch up on during the Olympics.


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