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An interview with Matthew Rhys, two different ones with Holly Taylor (Paige), another with Annet Mahendru (Nina), another with Margo Martindale (Claudia), and one with Tracey Scott Wilson, a member of the show's writers' room.

And some pre-finale pieces on the show: one on the disguises, and one on the show in general.

The Americans has won one of this year's Peabody Awards! (What's a Peabody Award? This.)

Zack Handlen of the AV Club writes a review of the entire third season (complete with letter grade).

Sonia Saraiya from Salon has an analysis of why The Americans will never be "must-see TV".

And finally, season three is now airing in Australia! Here's a piece on the premiere.
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The season three start date has been set! The show will remain on Wednesdays in the same time slot, and the first episode will be January 28th.

Alyssa Rosenberg has a column in the Washington Post about sex on television in which The Americans is featured.

Annet Mahendru (Nina) will be one of the presenters at next year's Emmys.

The network that aired Margo Martindale's (Claudia) sitcom has cancelled it. Commence speculation about how this will affect The Americans!

A call has been put out by the show's production team for a television commercial from 1982 for a Falls Church, Virginia business, presumably for use in season three.

The Paleyfest panel from fall 2013 has been released on DVD, bundled with the one of Elementary from the same 'fest.
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First off, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here's the Television Academy panel with moderator Alan Sepinwall from HitFix, co-showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, Keri Russell (Elizabeth), Matthew Rhys (Philip), Noah Emmerich (Stan), and show composer Nathan Barr (video, ~1 hour).

Second, GoldDerby has continued with its series of Skype interviews with individual actors from the show. This week, they did Matthew Rhys (video, ~21 min), Noah Emmerich (Stan) (video, ~20 min), and Annet Mahendru (Nina) (video, ~17 min).

TVLine also did a print interview with Matthew Rhys and another with Annet Mahendru this week.

Slate has a lengthy answer from Noah Emmerich to a Quora question.

And showratings.tv has an interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg).

TVLine has included Matthew Rhys in their series of dream Emmy nominations, and Alan Sepinwall from HitFix has included the show in his "If I had an Emmy ballot" column.

Variety took portraits of a number of potential Emmy contenders, including Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich.

And finally, some handicapping from GoldDerby (which is in the business of predicting Emmy nominees): they're offering the odds of 33/1 for the show's nomination for Drama Series, 33/1 for Keri Russell's nomination for Drama Actress, 100/1 for Matthew Rhys' nomination for Drama Actor, 100/1 for Annet Mahendru's nomination for Drama Supporting Actress, 100/1 for Noah Emmerich's nomination for Drama Supporting Actor, and 16/1 for Margo Martindale's nomination for Drama Guest Actress.
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First, a veritable cornucopia of post-season interviews with showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields: from Hitfix, from the AV Club, from Vulture, from TV Line, from Yahoo, from TV Guide, from tv.com, from Slate (audio, ~30 minutes, available only to subscribers, though a partial transcript is available here), and from Grantland (audio, ~57 minutes). [Editorial comment: take some time to read/listen to these if you can--they're all so different and so good!]

Next up, some reviews of season two: from Vulture, from the AV Club, from Screen Invasion, from Bustle, and from Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan (audio, ~48 minutes).

From Hitfix, an interview with Matthew Rhys (Philip).

From the New York Post, an interview with Noah Emmerich (Stan).

Keri Russell (Elizabeth) took part in a joint interview of many of the potential Emmy nominees for Best Actress with the Hollywood Reporter. This link has both a transcript of parts of the interview and video of a riff on the "what would you do if you weren't an actor" question" (~ 4:40). [Edited to add: the full video interview is now up (~1 hour).]

Two interviews with Annet Mahendru (Nina): one from Yahoo and one from U.S. News.

An interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg) from OK Magazine.

From The Wire, an interview with Margo Martindale (Claudia).

Two interviews with the composer for the show, Nathan Barr: from the Hollywood Reporter, and an excerpt from a piece from Film Score Monthly Online.

From Vanity Fair, a piece on the realism behind many of the show's spy storylines, and The Atlantic has a column on the show's refreshingly real take on Russians. And from Think Progress, a piece that challenges the realism in the season finale's plot twist.

From The Wire, the last season two "wig of the week", on the finale. And further in the disguises vein, TV Ate My Wardrobe has a piece on the best disguises of season two.

A column in Entertainment Weekly debates whether or not Elizabeth is a bad mom.

The Hollywood Reporter has The Americans at #2 in last week's "power rankings".

Paste Magazine has a piece on the 10 most shocking moments on the show.

"Behind The Red Door" has been pre-nominated in the AV Club's Tournament of Episodes.

From Indiewire, a summary of the pre-finale (but post-screener) tweets from some of the critics.

FX released a little mini-feature on The Art of the Edit (only viewable from within the U.S.).

According to Headline Planet, the ratings were up slightly for the season finale.

The LA Times has a piece on the recent trend in spy-related television series, including comments from The Americans co-showrunner Joel Fields.

An astrology blogger has written an mythological/astrological interpretation of the finale.

And finally, a glimpse into a writers' room joke: the supposed original pitch for the Stealth arc. :)
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This week's TV Guide features a piece with a lot of juicy season two spoilers in it (including at least a few bits not mentioned previously).

A look at the press kit for season two that a bunch of very lucky television journalists have received over the last week (no spoilers).

We now have a full episode description for episode 204 (second season, fourth episode).

For those of you in North America: Keri Russell is going to be on Late Night with David Letterman on Thursday, February 20th. Set your PVRs!

And for those of you in New York or who can get there easily, there is a free and open-to-the-public panel interview tomorrow morning at Bryant Park with showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields and actor Noah Emmerich (Stan). I hope someone can make it and do a writeup for us!

This hour-long panel from the Academy of Television Arts And Sciences with Joel Fields, Joe Weisberg, Noah Emmerich, Matthew Rhys (Philip), Annet Mahendru (Nina), and Margo Martindale (Claudia) is actually from last spring, but I didn't link it then, and it's been making the rounds again.

I've been trying to get people to come here and link to their own fanworks rather than linking to them myself in my linkspams, but this very clever picspam by [tumblr.com profile] belovedcreation that reimagines images from Austenland and Death Comes to Pemberley as a The Americans AU was too good to pass up. :)

There was a great review of the season one DVD/Blu-Ray set from Australia this week. And based on one of the little featurettes on the set, TV.com did a little piece on "Clark" and Martha's "marriage".

And finally, for the fanwriters and fanartists out there, there's a multifandom fanfiction and art fest going on, and also a multifandom fanfiction fest celebrating friendship. Go forth and request/create The Americans fanworks!
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The most important thing is the first trailer for season two that actually contains new footage. :D :D :D Is it February yet???

Next, our show continues to clean up on the year-end lists! The Americans made it to:
Huffington Post's list of the best new shows of 2013
Indiewire's list of the top 10 shows of 2013
The New York Times list of the top 12 shows of 2013
The Chicago Sun Times top ten list
Think Progress's Year in Culture list
Screen Invasion's best shows of 2013 list
yahoo.com's best shows of 2013 slideshow
• and TV.com's 9 shows to catch up on over the holiday break

Episodes of the show also made it to Matt Zoller Seitz' list of the top drama episodes of 2013 ("Gregory" and "Only You"), and Laurel Brown's list of the best TV episodes of 2013 (the pilot).

The character of Elizabeth Jennings was also featured on Grantland's year-end TV power rankings.

And last but not least, the show is also #7 on Hitflix's TV Critics Poll this year for Top TV Shows and #3 for Best New Shows of 2013 (this annual poll takes a panel of several high-profile critics' top-ten rankings and combines them).

Finally, in non-year-end-list news, there's a great Salon interview with Margo Martindale that's mostly about August Osage County but not just, and I've got a few yet-unmentioned semi-spoilery bits from the writers and producers on Twitter:
• the titles for episode 6 and episode 7
• a couple of shots of props and sets from future episodes: 1, 2
• another cryptic shot of the writers' board
• and a shot of The Americans in its very first Jeopardy question :)


Dec. 8th, 2013 07:53 am
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'Tis the season for top-ten lists (and the like)! The Americans is on TIME's list of the top ten shows of 2013 (in what the writer admits was a very difficult year, even).

Our beloved show also made Rolling Stone's list of the 20 best TV moments of 2013.

Annet Mahendru (Nina) made the list of Indiewire's eight underappreciated supporting actors.

Vulture features the set designers of three shows, of which The Americans is one.

A really excellent Tumblr review of the first season.

Two weeks ago, a fan took a picture of casting spoiler )

This silly bit of video from the writers' room of The Americans also features what looks like an enormous storyboard wall. (I'd love to get a closeup on that!)

And finally, a bit of bad news: after a previously-announced January release, the new release date for the region one DVD/Blu-Ray of The Americans season one is February 11th.
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The International Press Academy has announced nominations for their Satellite Awards, and several people connected with The Americans have been nominated: Margo Martindale (Claudia) for Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture Made for Television, Keri Russell (Elizabeth) for Actress in a Series, Drama, and the show for Television Series, Drama.

The AV Club argues that in 2013, no show used pop music better than The Americans.

Advertising artist Sam Spratt did some early advertising sketches and art for the show, and they're kind of awesome.

The name of episode 5, season two has been released! And ignore the UGH so annoying tone of the piece, but here's a picture of Keri Russell on set while filming season two.
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a small spoiler about filming locations )

a larger spoiler about casting )

(I'll wait a couple of weeks to tag this one fully so that the tags won't serve as spoilers of their own.)


Oct. 9th, 2013 02:09 pm
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An interesting post-panel guest piece on the Paley Center blog that talks about creator Joe Weisberg's longago visit to a Long Island high school and draws parallels between The Americans and the film Doctor Zhivago.

An interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina) from Westside People Magazine.

The Americans Season 1 is available for pre-order at amazon on DVD in the UK (release date January 27th, 2014) and in the U.S. (release date unknown).

And now for some (mostly previously known) spoilers. )
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A terrific, authentic video interview with Margo Martindale (Claudia).

Award-winning critic Matt Zoller Seitz of Vulture has dubbed The Americans one of the five best TV dramas of the year so far, and Noah Emmerich (Stan) the year's best dramatic performer.

Our show is now airing in Dubai as well.

The first spoilers for season two have emerged (if you don't want to be spoiled, don't click--and don't hover on the link, either!).

And last because it's only tangentially related: the house in New Jersey where the SVR illegals were found in 2010 (thereby providing the original inspiration for our show) is now for sale.


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