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More on the New York Comic-Con panel: a little writeup from Hitfix, from Vulture, from Bleeding Cool, from Film Book, and from IBITimes.

Here are some picture sets from the same panel, on Facebook and on Flickr.

And here are some videos from the panel or interviews surrounding the panel (some of these are not viewable by people outside of the U.S.): interview with Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, panel excerpt from Keri Russell discussing her character's relationship with Paige, panel excerpt on Stan, panel excerpt on Nina, panel excerpt on pranks, panel excerpt on alter egos.

In non Comic-Con news, this Dutch-language piece has a casting spoiler for season three. I'll provide a translation under the cut )

Our own [personal profile] quantumreality has another short post on symmetries in The Americans.

And finally, just look at this picture of Paige & Henry from the start of season three! All grown up.
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Deadline is reporting that Lev Gorn (Arkady Ivanovich) is being promoted to series regular for season three.

The Washingtonian has an interview with costume designer Jenny Gering.

The UK-based online magazine Digital Spy has picked The Americans as one of its best TV shows you might have missed.

The AV Club features an article on "catfish culture" and how it's spilled over into lots of television shows that talks a lot about The Americans.

Hitfix reviewed the new U.S. fall spy drama Allegiance and compared it relentlessly with our show.

Elsewhere on dreamwidth, German fan [dreamwidth.org profile] selenak has been reviewing the show as she watches (in English).

Vox has nominated The Americans as one of the shows to binge-watch in 2014.

Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post talks about how the show deserves an Emmy for "Outstanding Casting of Young Actors."

And this is just a little thing, but this interview with Barbra Streisand makes a little mention of her love of our show. :)
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Now that the new season of our beloved show has started filming (airdates are to follow, but they're saying "January" for the U.S. and Canada), tiny not-particularly-spoilery spoilers are starting to leak out on Twitter.

cut to spare the PARTICULARLY spoiler-averse, but honestly, these really aren't all that spoilery! )

And for the Tweeps out there, here are some The Americans Twitter personalities that you might be interested in following:

@joeweisberg: Joe Weisberg, creator, writer, showrunner.
@joelfields: Joel Fields, writer & co-showrunner.
@matthewrhys: Matthew Rhys (Philip)
@noahemmerich: Noah Emmerich (Stan)
@annetmahendru: Annet Mahendru (Nina)
@alison__wright: Alison Wright (Martha)
@hollytaylor97: Holly Taylor (Paige)
@keidrichsellati: Keidrich Sellati (Henry)
@richardthomas_1: Richard Thomas (Agent Gaad)
@m_nussbaum: Molly Nussbaum, one of the writing team
@DerekSimonID4: Derek Simon, one of the writing team
@theamericansFX: The official U.S.-based Twitter account for the show
@theamericansUK: The official UK-based Twitter account for the show


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