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Post-finale interviews with the showrunners (I'm afraid each one of these is pretty much worth reading/listening to in full! But the first few are possibly more must-read/listen to than others, if you really have to pick and choose.):
From the Andy Greenwald podcast (audio, ~54 minutes)
From Vox
From Hitfix
From the Wall Street Journal
From Vulture
From the Hollywood Reporter
From Variety
From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
From Entertainment Weekly
From TVLine.com
From TV Guide
From Yahoo

Post-finale interviews with Holly Taylor (Paige):
From Variety
From Digital Spy

Post-finale interview with a bunch of the involved persons:
From the Daily Beast

Post-finale interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg):
From the Wall Street Journal

Analysis about season three as a whole:
By Andy Greenwald from Grantland
By James Poniewozik from TIME
By Matt Zoller Seitz from Vulture
By Alyssa Rosenberg from the Washington Post
By Brian Lowry from Variety
By Pilot Viruet from Flavorwire

Post-season three finale Vulture podcast with Matt Zoller Seitz and company (audio, ~36 minutes)

Paste Magazine reviews the top ten most shocking moments of the season.

The New York Post talks where things might go after the finale.

Decider does a piece on Holly Taylor and her character Paige.

The Huffington Post talks about the show's sense of style.

TIME Magazine ran the full text of Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire speech.

Mstarz talked about the reaction to the most shocking part of the finale on Twitter.

It seems that casting spoiler ) is set to return for season four.

And Deadline has some mixed news about the finale's ratings.
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An interview with Matthew Rhys, two different ones with Holly Taylor (Paige), another with Annet Mahendru (Nina), another with Margo Martindale (Claudia), and one with Tracey Scott Wilson, a member of the show's writers' room.

And some pre-finale pieces on the show: one on the disguises, and one on the show in general.

The Americans has won one of this year's Peabody Awards! (What's a Peabody Award? This.)

Zack Handlen of the AV Club writes a review of the entire third season (complete with letter grade).

Sonia Saraiya from Salon has an analysis of why The Americans will never be "must-see TV".

And finally, season three is now airing in Australia! Here's a piece on the premiere.
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The spotlight is on the behind-the-scenes folks this time: this is a great piece about the show's directors.

And here is another similar sort of piece on the show's sound designers.

And here are two interviews with the showrunners: from the New York Post and from Assignment X.

On to the cast! Here's one interview with Holly Taylor (Paige) from her own hometown paper (in New Jersey).

One interview with Annet Manhendru (Nina) from Maxim.

One interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg) from The TV Junkies.

The Atlantic argues that The Americans feels like an all-new show now.

And finally, here's a fan's song fanmix for Elizabeth (including a sinister-sounding cover of a popular 80s song is a really inspired choice).
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An interview with the showrunners following last week's episode.

Two interviews with Holly Taylor (Paige): From the Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo.

An interview with Matthew Rhys.

An interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina).

An interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg).

And finally, one with Alison Wright (Martha).

Todd VanDerWerff at Vox wrote a piece on last week's episode and builds a case for the notion that the current run of episodes is following the structure of a Shakespearean five-act tragedy.

Entertainment Weekly has a piece on Paige and her Christian faith, and nominates Holly Taylor as a runner-up for Most Valuable Player last week.

Salon talks about the way the show tests our limits.

Mother Jones has a little piece trying to get people to watch the show.

Sound on Sight nominates Nina as among its six TV characters worthy of a spin-off.

And finally, a little video with a bunch of the cast from the show's Emmy Magazine cover shoot.
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I wasn't planning on doing another one of these before the premiere, but there's been just so much good stuff last night and today!

First up, more season three reviews! From Grantland's Andy Greenwald (if you read only one of these, make it this one), from Vox's Todd VanDerWerff (if you read only two of these, make it the previous one and this one), from Vulture's Matt Zoller Seitz, from TIME's James Poniewozik, from Slate's Willa Paskin, from Salon's Sonia Saraiya, from the Washington Post's Hank Stuever, from the New Republic's Esther Breger, a double dose from Yahoo from Kimberly Potts and Ken Tucker, as well as from the AV Club, the Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, and TV Guide.

Next up, interviews!

Three interviews with showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields: from Starpulse, from Worldscreen, and last but not least, from TIME Magazine (specifically dealing with their reaction to this week's real-life Russian spy bust in New York).

Four Three Two interviews with Matthew Rhys: from IndieWire, from seat42f.com, from the Wall Street Journal, and from Monsters and Critics.

Three Two interviews with Keri Russell: from the Hollywood Reporter, from The Today Show (video, ~4 min.), and from USA Today.

Two interviews with Holly Taylor (Paige): from Hitfix and from the North Jersey Record.

One interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina): from Rediff India Abroad

Finally, the Den of Geek site argues that The Americans is the best show you're not watching, Yahoo has some photos of the cast's wig transformations, and the cast and creatives attempt to recap the show to date in thirty seconds.
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Yesterday, [dreamwidth.org profile] sistermagpie and I got the chance to spend about five hours as guests of the The Americans team that is currently filming season three. It was every bit as amazing as that makes it sound and then some! The guys who took over scheduling my visit (it was complicated to plan since I had to come in from so far and book my flight well in advance) were friendly and responsive from the get-go, and once we arrived at the studio, all of the cast, crew, and creatives we met went above and beyond anything we had imagined.

When we arrived, we were given a set of sheets with information about the day's filming. The top sheet included information about who was in charge (in terms of executive producers, the producer, and the director), a weather forecast, an address of a nearby hospital (just in case!), as well as a list of cast members and stand-ins and the times they had to be on set for which purposes (for hair and makeup or on set ready to perform). It also included special instructions for the various scenes (such as props that needed to be present), and a little bit at the bottom about the advance schedule for the following day's shooting (which scenes they were going to do, etc.). The pages that followed were excerpts from the script for the day's scenes.

First we watched a bit of filming, then we were taken on a long and very thorough tour of the various sets and production offices by a couple of very generous crew members, and finally we came back to watch more filming. We met and briefly spoke to creator Joe Weisberg and Daniel Sackheim, Stuart Zicherman and Molly Nussbaum from the writing staff, as well as Matthew Rhys (Philip), Keidrich Sellati (Henry), Noah Emmerich (Stan), and Annet Mahendru (Nina). We also saw Holly Taylor (Paige), Keri Russell (Elizabeth), and the director for episodes 303 and 304 (we'll let the team reveal who that is as they see fit) up close but didn't talk to them.

What follows are our (completely spoiler-free!) thoughts about what we saw. We've tried to put together a description of the kinds of things that we as pretty hardcore The Americans fans would want to hear about if one of you had been lucky enough to get to do what we did.

cut for length )

We are so excited about season three now, we can't even express it. (!!!!!)
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More on the New York Comic-Con panel: a little writeup from Hitfix, from Vulture, from Bleeding Cool, from Film Book, and from IBITimes.

Here are some picture sets from the same panel, on Facebook and on Flickr.

And here are some videos from the panel or interviews surrounding the panel (some of these are not viewable by people outside of the U.S.): interview with Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, panel excerpt from Keri Russell discussing her character's relationship with Paige, panel excerpt on Stan, panel excerpt on Nina, panel excerpt on pranks, panel excerpt on alter egos.

In non Comic-Con news, this Dutch-language piece has a casting spoiler for season three. I'll provide a translation under the cut )

Our own [personal profile] quantumreality has another short post on symmetries in The Americans.

And finally, just look at this picture of Paige & Henry from the start of season three! All grown up.
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Deadline is reporting that Lev Gorn (Arkady Ivanovich) is being promoted to series regular for season three.

The Washingtonian has an interview with costume designer Jenny Gering.

The UK-based online magazine Digital Spy has picked The Americans as one of its best TV shows you might have missed.

The AV Club features an article on "catfish culture" and how it's spilled over into lots of television shows that talks a lot about The Americans.

Hitfix reviewed the new U.S. fall spy drama Allegiance and compared it relentlessly with our show.

Elsewhere on dreamwidth, German fan [dreamwidth.org profile] selenak has been reviewing the show as she watches (in English).

Vox has nominated The Americans as one of the shows to binge-watch in 2014.

Alyssa Rosenberg of the Washington Post talks about how the show deserves an Emmy for "Outstanding Casting of Young Actors."

And this is just a little thing, but this interview with Barbra Streisand makes a little mention of her love of our show. :)
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An interview with Matthew Rhys (Philip) in the Los Angeles Times.

An interview with Alison Wright (Martha) in Rolling Stone.

An interview with Holly Taylor (Paige) in Vulture.

An interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg) in Metro.

There's a The Americans recap video podcast being done by AfterBuzz, and the most recent one also has a guest spot by Costa Ronin (video, ~54 min). There's also an audio version of the podcast available here.

The Americans has come in at #2 in the new Hollywood Reporter "power rankings".

Recent data indicates that The Americans is the most time-shifted show of all in the U.S. (meaning that a larger percentage of our show's audience watches a recorded version of the show than is the case with any other show).

The official description of the finale has been released.

Better late than never, there's a Guardian review of the first season's box set.

And finally, FX has released a little mini-documentary about the show's vintage cars (visible only within the U.S.).
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An interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina) in the New York Post.

An interview with Noah Emmerich (Stan) in Backstage, and another in The Jewish Journal.

And for those who are in the right location, an interview with Matthew Rhys (Philip) with VH1 (video).

Holly Taylor (Paige) made the list of the 10 best child actors on TV at whatculture.com. Holly will also be live-tweeting tonight's episode.

The description of cut for title of episode 208 ) has been released.

Christianity Today discusses the use of politics on television, and The Americans is one example.
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Yes, I'm back already with another linkspam! I could maaaaaybe have waited another day, but some of this stuff has been so good, and I feel moved to share.

I'll start with a really very different sort of interview with Joel Fields from spoilertv.com that took questions in advance from the fans and got him to answer them. There are spoilers galore, but I suspect that a couple of people in this community will be very excited to see some of the responses there. :)

And then there's this other interview from tv.com with Joel and Joe Weisberg, which also has some spoilers in it.

And then there's another interview with the two of them from the Huffington Post, which also has some spoilers in it.

And one more from iamrogue.com, also with the two of them and also with some season two spoilers.

There are also four short videos from the Bryant Park interview of two days ago with Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, and Noah Emmerich: on nuclear launch codes, creating 1980s D.C. in New York City, designing spycraft for The Americans, and on the secret life of Stan (none of which are particularly spoilerrific).

Next, [tumblr.com profile] nerd-utopia has got screenshots of the terrific The Americans spread and multi-page article in TV Guide: 1, 2.

And a lovely profile on Holly Taylor (Paige) from Canadian newspaper The Ottawa Citizen.

And The Saratogian has a great review of season two from the screeners.

And speaking of which, guys, I don't know how much you've all been following the early critical response to this show's second season, but it's been so fantastic. Over at the [tumblr.com profile] americansfan tumblr, Emma put together a representative compilation of it. And, like, the only negative comments I can find about the show at all (and I've looked!) are from critics like rogerebert.com's Brian Tallerico who wasn't completely on board with season one but still thinks season two is amazing. The critics have always been good to this show, but this is truly unprecedented.

Fast Company has a terrific interview with The Americans' music supervisor PJ Bloom.

The website kerirussellsource.org has a bunch of shots of the filming of the season two finale, which is currently ongoing.

Over at Tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] darjeelingandcoke is doing a countdown list of eight reasons to watch The Americans in the last eight days before the season two premiere: here's #8.

And finally, this already got linked separately, but in case there's someone out there who's only got a subscription to certain tags: part one and part two of [dreamwidth.org profile] quantumreality's essay on symmetries in The Americans.

Five days, 10.5 hours to go!
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Now that the new season of our beloved show has started filming (airdates are to follow, but they're saying "January" for the U.S. and Canada), tiny not-particularly-spoilery spoilers are starting to leak out on Twitter.

cut to spare the PARTICULARLY spoiler-averse, but honestly, these really aren't all that spoilery! )

And for the Tweeps out there, here are some The Americans Twitter personalities that you might be interested in following:

@joeweisberg: Joe Weisberg, creator, writer, showrunner.
@joelfields: Joel Fields, writer & co-showrunner.
@matthewrhys: Matthew Rhys (Philip)
@noahemmerich: Noah Emmerich (Stan)
@annetmahendru: Annet Mahendru (Nina)
@alison__wright: Alison Wright (Martha)
@hollytaylor97: Holly Taylor (Paige)
@keidrichsellati: Keidrich Sellati (Henry)
@richardthomas_1: Richard Thomas (Agent Gaad)
@m_nussbaum: Molly Nussbaum, one of the writing team
@DerekSimonID4: Derek Simon, one of the writing team
@theamericansFX: The official U.S.-based Twitter account for the show
@theamericansUK: The official UK-based Twitter account for the show


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