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A New Yorker piece about the pre-Internet technology that's been discussed in the most recent episodes.

An ABC News interview with Matthew Rhys (video, ~11.5 minutes), and a print one from Chicago Pride.

A Better TV (UK) interview with Alison Wright (video, ~4.5 minutes).

A Capitol File Magazine interview with Costa Ronin (Oleg), and a photo of the piece about him in TV Guide

An Interview Magazine interview with Aimee Carrero (Lucia), and another with PopSugar (video, ~2 minutes).

Time Magazine interviewed co-showrunner Joel Fields as a part of a piece on sexual assault survivors on television.

A Marshfield Mariner interview with Susan Misner (Sandra).

Three columns on the second season: from the Boston Herald, from ozy.com, and from Weld for Birmingham.

Two "Wig of the Week" installments from The Wire: one on Philip's Clark disguise, and another on Nina's emotional disguises.

The show has released an official video about the show's wardrobe (warning: visible only to viewers in the U.S.).

Elle has a feature about "TV daughters we love to hate," and Paige is mentioned.

The official description of episode 211 has been released.

The Sacramento Bee has a review of the Americans exhibit at the International Spy Museum.
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Two interviews with Matthew Rhys (Philip), one from TVRage and one from Starry Constellation Magazine.

A print interview with Noah Emmerich (Stan) from The Associated Press and a video one from Huffington Post Live.

An interview with producer Graham Yost and showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields from wegotthiscovered.com.

An interview with Keri Russell (Elizabeth) from IGN.

An interview with Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell from Vanity Fair.

An interview with costume designer Jenny Gering from StyleCaster.

And finally, an interview with cut for casting spoiler )

A more general piece on the show (including bits from an interview with Joe Weisberg) from The Philadelphia Inquirer

We now have an official description for episode 205 (season two, episode five).

More reviews of early season two from various U.S. and Canadian publications have come in, this time from the New Yorker, Slate, Hitfix, the Huffington Post, Variety, the AV Club, Your Entertainment Corner, the Denver Post, antennafree.tv and Canada's National Post. Spoilers abound.

One last review of the 1st season DVD/Blu-Ray from hamptonroads.com.

TV Ate My Wardrobe featured Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" on their Music Monday in honour of The Americans returning this week.

Vulture did a little feature on the show's "1980s inspiration wall" from the writers' room.

SpoilerTV and The Fashionista Stories have photos from last night's season two premiere party in New York.

And Rolling Stone did a little A-Z review of the basics of the show.

One more sleep!
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Treon noticed that thetvdb is now listing the U.S./Canada debut airdate for season two, episode one as February 5th, 2014. This is unconfirmed, but it's the first mention either of us has noticed of a specific date, so we figured it was worth mentioning. They have now removed this listing.

This little tidbit from Variety includes a short interview with Annet Mahendru (Nina).

Another fan in the New York area took some pictures of a day's shooting and posted them to instagram (only very minor spoilers included in the pictures).

season two casting spoiler under the cut )
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Cylana Kim, a New York publicist, gave us a look at the The Americans wig room on Twitter.

a small spoiler about casting )

And, not directly show-related, but just for fun, a short video of Matthew Rhys doing a bunch of different accents. It's especially fun watching him do a Russian one, since we've never actually heard that!


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